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Top 5 Suburbs in Victoria

  • 1. Truganina

    3540 total solar installation

  • 2. Cranbourne

    2415 total solar installation

  • 3. Werribee

    1802 total solar installation

  • 4. Craigieburn

    1642 total solar installation

  • 5. Burnside

    1128 total solar installation


Get your business running

  • Mobile and Flexible

    Be independent and run your business without any limits.

    • Manage your own time
    • No limit on your earning potential
    • Build your own customer base

  • No Licence Required

    Fast track your growth and focus on profitability

    • Contract out your installs
    • No manual labor required
    • Get expert training and support

  • Focus on Success

    Leverage our platform for success and manage your business efficiently

    • Plenty of space for growth
    • Qualified leads on demand
    • High performance coaching

Where can you buy a Solar Run Franchies?

Franchies For Sale

Solar Run franchise available in Metro and Regional area across Australia

  • Franchise for sale

    As a Solar Run franchisee, you will be changing the everyday lives of Australians, powering homes across Australia and providing a sustainable and reliable energy solution. Australian households and families have been facing rising electricity price that adds to their living cost. Solar Run is an opportunity to give the power back to the hand of everyday Australians.

  • Be your own boss

    If you know that superior customer service improves business outcomes then Solar Run is for you. We want you to focus on superior service to your customers so we provide a support system including providing leads, sales systems, training and ongoing support. Your success is also our success and our franchisees are core to our business.

  • Decide your earnings

    With Solar Run we pride ourselves for taking care of our franchise partners. There is no extra cost, ongoing franchise fees or earning caps hidden with our business. Your hard work and contribution will translate into your earning potential. You can maximise your earning potential with Solar Run.

  • Passion for Success

    We have a real passion for renewable energy and solar. This is a unique strength that separates Solar Run from other franchise opportunities as we actively grow our partners, the market and the category. Solar Run grows together with all partners by capturing the market, providing real value to all customers and creating innovative business results. We evolve with you in pursuit of success.

  • About Solar Run

    Solar Run provides cost e ective energy for Australian households through solar installations and energy e ciency solutions. Our vision is to create greater energy independence for all households Australia wide.

    This is a simple yet powerful proposition for Australians who have been experiencing unprecedented energy price increases for over a decade. At Solar Run, we have seen more and more customers looking for smarter ways to get their energy costs down.

    “Our vision is to create greater energy independence for all consumers Australia wide.”

  • Our partners

Solar Panel Installation

Provide prospective solar customers with the best customer experience with competitive pricing, professional service and expert advice for solar panel installation.

Solar Battery Storage

Be part of the first solar franchise to offer solar storage to residential customers in Australia. Solar Run franchisee can provide affordable, safe and reliable solar battery storage. Customers can choose between 5kW, 7kW and 10kW battery storage systems.

Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water can be a very efficient energy saving solution. Solar Run offers solar hot water installation that can be bundled together with other solar solutions.

LED Lighting

Upgrade old lighting with LLD lighting to saw on Joshing energy cost. With guaranteed saving from LID lighting customers can benefit even further, with solar Run

  • Requirements

    As with any successful franchise we are looking for individuals with certain values that will lead to great outcome. No previous experience or accreditation is required, however to become part of Solar Run, you will need to have these qualities:

    • High performing individual focused on achieving goals
    • Tenacity to overcome challenges and obstacles
    • Motivation to build your own business
    • Business and finance acumen
    • Passion and interest in the solar and renewable industry
  • Training

    Supporting our franchisees is key to our success. As owner of your own business and part of the Solar Run franchise you will be provided with training and support across many areas.

    • Performance management and training
    • Building teams and team support
    • Solar training and education
    • Software and CRM training
  • Networking

    Solar Run also provides networking opportunities with our business partners and sponsors.

    • Solar Run also
  • Enquiry

    Contact us to book a one-on-one consultation session.

  • Introductory Meeting

    Get access to information on how Solar Run operates and about your benefits

  • Second Meeting

    You can request a follow up meeting to get more details.

  • Franchisee Due Diligence

    If you find that Solar Run is a good fit for you, assess your finance and readiness

  • Submission

    We will process your submission and assess it against our criterias

  • Approval

    If your submission is approved we will start your on-boarding process. Congratulations!

  • CRM

    Our CRM software is developed with our experience managing leads and customer satisfaction to ensure Solar Run maintains the highest level of service and integrity. The CRM suite will be your best friend in identifying opportunities for your business and providing a superior customer experience for your clients.Our CRM platform will allow you to:

    • Manage your leads and customer deals
    • On demand lead allocation
    • Manage your territory
    • Access dashboard and reporting
  • Enterprise Softwares

    Solar Run franchisees have access to enterprise grade softwares to support the running of their business. As your business grows, you might have your own teams using the same platform to reach more customers effectively.

    • Prepare ROI reports and proposals for prospective customers
    • Track your schedulling and work load
    • Manage your inventory and equipments
  • Research and

    Our dedicated engineers and designers are actively developing innovative ways to improve the way we reach our customers and provide the best products and services in the market.

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