High-Quality Solar Hot Water System for Sale Across Australia at Affordable Prices

Australia is blessed with a consistent supply of abundant, rejuvenating sunlight, and with the growing need to become more environmentally friendly to offset the impact of climate change, it has never made more sense for residential and commercial properties across the nation to consider switching to a solar hot water system.

At Solar Run, we provide a wide selection of solar hot water systems for sale that are not only available at some of the most competitive prices on the market, but are guaranteed to start saving you money after installation. This is due to the panels capturing sunlight and storing that energy like a battery, later applying it to rapidly heat your water supply, rather than relying on electricity or gas to activate a boiler to perform the task. How does this relate to savings? Energy generated by the sun is FREE, resulting in a much lower ongoing utility bill.

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Heat pump hot water

Heat pump hot water systems are very energy efficient and have a large capacity tank to make sure your home has plenty of hot water. Prices will start from about $1,800 plus installation. Heat pump hot water systems are available in 170L and 280L capacity.

Solar Hot Water Tubes

Evacuated Tube hot water systems start from about $3000 in price plus installations. They are available in 200L capacity.

Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water is very convenient and efficient to generate heating for your hot water at home. 200L solar hot water systems start from $2,652 plus installation and you can upgrade to a 300L solar hot water system from $3,550.

Benefits of Solar Hot Water Panels

Efficient Heating

Use the power of the sun for your home water heating, simple, easy and efficient.

Solar Energy

Capture the energy provided by the sun and reduce your energy consumption.

Save Electricity

Save electricity to reduce your energy bill, no more worries when using your hot water

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