How much is the solar rebate in Victoria?

A simple guide to understand how much money you’re getting back

There are many solar offers and different prices in the market and it can be difficult to understand how much money you are actually getting back in the solar rebate. We at Solar Run understand this and we want to show how the different pricing can affect the rebate you’re getting. Essentially your solar rebate is 50% of the system cost and the maximum amount of rebate you can get is $2,225 from Solar Victoria.

System sizePrice Before Rebate* (examples)After RebateRebate Amount%
3kW solar$3,200$1,600$1,60050%
4kW solar$3,600$1,800$1,80050%
5kW solar$4,450$2,225$2,22550%
6kW solar$5,600$3,375$2,22540%

* The prices above are examples only and does not reflect the actual price from Solar Run

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