JA Solar : The Hidden Gem for Top Performing Solar Panels

By John Kurta, 11 October 2018

Are JA Solar Panels any good?

Yes. JA Solar products are some of the best in the world.
• They are a Tier 1 Solar Panel Manufacturer, 4th largest in the world
• They are widely used in Australia with an Australian Office
• JA Solar Panel Warranty: 12 year product and 25 year performance
• Every JA solar cell is CEC Approved (Australian Clean Energy Council Approved)

JA Solar are a world leading manufacturer of high performance solar modules who provide exceptional Solar panels at an extremely competitive price.

Solar Run recommends the JA Solar when both quality and price are important. If you are looking for high efficiency solar power systems without paying extra then you will be looking at JA Solar.

JA solar Australia is based in Australia and they have warehouses in every major city. They are a leading manufacturer of high performance Tier 1 solar panels and the 4th largest panel manufacturer in the world. Based in China they produce around 10% of all panels worldwide.

About JA Solar

Founded in 2005, we are a global manufacturer of high-performance photovoltaic (PV) products, with a business portfolio including wafers, cells, modules and photovoltaic power stations. Thanks to our 11 production bases and more than 20 branches, our products are available in over 100 countries and regions.

They are used extensively on residential rooftops around Australia. Supported by technological innovation, proven manufacturing process, sound financial performance, and an advanced global sales and service network, our panels are well established in Australia. For several consecutive years, the company has been listed on the Fortune China 500 list and the World TOP 500 Energy Companies.
• 10% Global Market Share
• 3 Billion USD Annual Sales Revenue
• 27GW Cumulative Shipments (As of Q4 2017)
• 33,000 Clients Worldwide
• 20,000 Employees
• 5 Busbar design

Why should I choose JA Solar?

Get a JA Solar panel quote if you:
1. Need high efficiencies and want a high power output
2. Want to keep prices down
3. Are considering battery storage / feed in tariffs

When you have problems with shading on your roof.
If your house has issues with shading you will want to consider a Mono Perc Half Cell System. A Half Cell panel reduces the impact of shading. If the bottom half is shaded the top half continues to work. You may also want to consider Tigo optimisers or Solar Edge Inverters.

When you need an affordable solar panel.
JA Solar panel price is affordable but also provides great performance.

If you have plenty of space on your roof and want to save some money you could consider a “Poly” panel. “Poly” panels were very popular a few years ago but are being replaced by “Mono” panels. This means you can often get a “Poly” panel cheaper.

If you are looking a different solar panels, check our Solar Product Reviews.

When you want the best panel for Australian conditions.
Mono Perc Panel is better suited to Australian conditions than a “Poly” Panel because we get very cold temperatures in Winter and very hot temperatures in Summer.

When you are considering adding battery storage to your solar system.
If you want to add a battery to your system then a “Mono” or “Mono Half Cell” JA Solar module is a very good choice.

Thanks to the pv systems high conversion efficiencies these panels are a great choice if you are considering adding energy storage or claiming feed in tariffs.

When you need a panel manufacturer that can back the warranty.
While there are no guarantees, JA Solar is one of the largest panel manufacturers in the world and is rated as a Tier 1 company. The JA Solar warranty is as good or better than other leading brands.

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