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Best value Solar panels in Canberra

  • 9-9kw-solar-panels10kW Solar Panels

    FROM $4,900

    • 42kWh output per day
    • For Large Home
    • 370W Half Cell Solar Panels
    • 8.5kW WIFI Inverter
    • 5yr Workmanship Warranty


    6.6kW Solar Panels6.6kW Solar Panels

    FROM $3,800

    • 28kWh output per day
    • For Small to Medium Home
    • 370W Half Cell Solar Panels
    • 5KW WIFI Inverter
    • 5yr Workmanship Warranty


  • 10kW Battery Add On10kW Battery Add-On

    FROM $10,690

    • Alpha ESS 10kW Battery
    • For Medium to Large Home
    • 10yr Product Warranty
    • Best value battery
    • 5yr Workmanship Warranty


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6.6kW Solar Panels

With starting prices from $5,250 for the basic system, the 6.6kW solar panels offer an average 28kWh output per day. These panels come with a Goodwe Inverter for converting your solar energy to usable electricity. Solar Run offers the 6.6kW system with 315W Half Cell Solar Panels. Half Cell panels are at the forefront of solar panel technology, with reduced effects from shading, high efficiency and durability. These panels are best suited for small to medium sized homes. Solar Run products come with a 10 year Workmanship Warranty.

10kW Solar Panels

The 10kW Solar Panel range starts from $8,490 for the basic system. These panels have an average output of 42kWh per day. The 10kW panels also include the Goodwe Inverter and have the option of 315W Half Cell Solar Panels for those looking to improve efficiency or reduce the impact of shade. The 10kW panels are perfect for large homes and come with a 10 year Workmanship Warranty.

Poly Panels

Pros: Cheaper than more powerful alternatives

Cons: Output and efficiency lower than alternatives

Mono Perc Panels

Pros: High output and strong efficiency

Cons: More expensive than the Poly Panels

Bi-facial Panels

Pros: Excellent output and efficiency

Cons: Expensive and rarely used in Australia

What solar options are available in Hobart


So far we have covered the different solar panel options in terms of technology type and power. The list of options becomes a lot more extensive once you start looking at the different manufacturers on the market. Solar Run franchises are stocked with over 10 of the world’s leading manufacturers, including: Risen, LG, Longi, REC, JA Solar, Eging, and ET. Check out our reviews for each of the different manufacturers to help pick the right product for your needs.

While solar energy levels vary throughout the year depending on the season and proximity to the sun, some estimates put Canberra’s daily average solar potential as high as 4.83 kilowatt hours (kWh) for every kilowatt (kW) of capacity in your panels.

To translate that industry jargon:

  • Canberra 6.6kW solar panels could produce up to 31.9kWh of energy per day
  • 10kW solar panels could produce up to 48.3kWh of energy per day in Canberra

The potential Return on Investment (ROI) for solar panels in Canberra is huge, with Government rebates and energy provider offers for feed in tariffs providing solar system owners with massive discounts and incentives.

Solar Panels Canberra Rebates

The ACT Government offers a number of rebates to incentivise Canberrans to make the switch to solar energy. These incentives include up to 50% discounts for low-income households, up to $4,000 savings from the solar battery rebates as well as the Federal Government’s Small-scale Technology Certificate rebate.

ACT Government Feed In Tariff Scheme

To help the ACT reach its 2020 goal of 100% renewable energy, the Government is offering strong incentives for residents who supply solar power back into the grid. These feed in tariffs come in the form of electricity bill deductions from your energy supplier. The tariff rates in ACT have historically been much higher than its inter-state counterparts. Speak with your energy supplier or solar system installer for more details on feed in tariffs.

10kW Battery Add-On

The cost of your home solar system is not limited to the price of your panels. Options such as optimisers, inverters and battery storage can massively increase the efficiency and output of your system, resulting in a greater return on your investment and reduced electricity bills.

Solar Battery Storage is one of the best means of retaining the energy captured by your solar panels throughout the day. Rather than feeding your precious energy back into the grid, solar batteries allow you to keep this in reserve for use at night or when solar energy is in short supply.

One great option is the Alpha ESS 10kW Battery add-on. Starting from $9,990, the Alpha ESS is the best value battery on the market. Ideal for medium to large homes, the battery add-on comes with a 10 year product warranty as well as a 10 year workmanship warranty.

Heat pump hot water

With prices starting at $1,800 plus installation, the heat pump hot water systems are an energy efficient way to keep your home constantly supplied with hot water. The high capacity tanks are available with either 170L or 280L capacity.

Solar Hot Water Tubes

Starting at $3,000 plus installation, the Evacuated Tube hot water systems are a great way to keep your water heated and your electricity bills low. This system is available in 200L capacity.

Solar Hot Water

The solar hot water systems start from $2,652 plus installation for a 200L capacity and $3,550 plus installation for a 300L capacity. This system, which connects to solar panels to generate heat, is an energy efficient means of keeping your home water supply hot.


The rebates are scaling down every year. This means that the earlier you make the switch to solar, the bigger the discount you can get from the Government. These subsidies are designed to make solar energy as accessible and advantageous as possible, so get in quick while the rebates are around.

Return on Investment

Your return on investment begins once you have passed the ‘payback period’ of your system. This is the amount of time it takes for your system to pay for itself through the reduction in your energy bill. Once you’ve completed this payback period, your system has become profitable. The sooner you get your device, the sooner it can start making you money.

Reduce energy bills for summer

Summer is the best time to take advantage of solar energy. The sun is out longer, it’s stronger and your energy bills are at their highest. Cut your electricity bills, make the most of the sun and start reaping the benefits of free renewable energy.

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Benefits of Solar Panels On Your Home or Business

The benefits of solar panels within your home or business are extensive. You can immediately start producing free energy based on the power of the sun, lowering your ongoing utility bill, and saving a reliance on traditional energy providers using coal & oil that produce dangerous greenhouse gases. Also, given the ever-rising demand for solar power systems, after installation, you will have automatically increased the value of your property.

Take Advantage of the Household Battery Storage Programs For Solar Systems in Canberra

To make the investment even easier, the ACT Government Household Battery Storage program offers a discount to properties within the state to receive a discount when installing a battery storage unit into an existing or brand new rooftop solar system. This rebate is available for both homes and companies, and is currently at $825 per kW, with a maximum of 30kW.

A Reduction in Prices Available with the Solar for Low Income Program

To ensure that more households can afford the prices put forward by solar companies across Canberra, the government have also made available the Solar for Low Income Program, which provides both pensioners and concession card holds with discounts on deals on rooftop solar systems.

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