What to Expect:

  • How to choose the right system for your home.
  • Solar inverter reviews: reputation, warranty, remote monitoring and noise.
  • Difference between solar panels: mono, poly, bifacial
  • Best solar panel brands
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Your Guide to Solar Energy

Solar power can help you save money, save the environment and power your home or business. In this comprehensive eBook on the power of solar, we cover all of the basics of solar panels, solar inverters, solar system setups and the types of technology available. Upon reading this guide you will know how to invest in solar energy with confidence. You will also know how to choose the right system for your home and which are the best brands on the market.

The solar energy guide covers the following:

Getting The Right Solar For Your Home

Choosing the best solar for your home is about so much more than price and performance. The solar energy market has expanded astronomically over the last decade. You can now customise and optimise every single part of your home or commercial solar system.

Throughout this guide we arm you with powerful pieces of knowledge that will enable you to increase the performance of your system and ensure you invest in the perfect solar products for your needs.

  • Choosing the right solar panel and the right brand
  • Getting value for money with your solar system

How To Get The Best Fit Solar

The right fit is about understanding your needs. In this section of the eBook we provide you with the best questions to answer before you make a decision. These questions require you to analyse your current situation, energy usage and house size to determine which products will best suit your needs.

  • Fitting the system to your home
    • Roof size
    • Energy usage
    • Shading problems

Reducing Your Energy Bills With Solar

Ultimately solar energy is about transitioning to clean renewable energy and saving money in the process. The better your system suits your requirements, the more value your system will bring you.

  • Matching the system to your needs
  • Reducing reliance on the grid

Solar Inverters

Inverters are often overlooked, however that are highly important part of your solar system. It is responsible for converting the energy from your solar panels into the electrical current used by your home or business. Choosing the right inverter is the key to a highly efficient system.

  • Analysis of key features
    • Reputation
    • Warranty
    • Remote Monitoring
    • Noise

Choosing The Right System

  • Understanding the different technologies available
  • Explanation of key solar features and extras

Inverters Comparison

  • Comparison of leading inverter manufacturers

Half Cell Solar Panel

  • New solar panel technology
  • How half cells increase efficiency
  • Optimising your panels

Super League Brands

  • Charts providing a “Quick Reference” of the Top 10 Solar Panel
  • Brands, collectively known as the “Silicon Module Super League (SMSL)
  • The SMSL Brands are in a league of their own. They make, ship, and have also installed far more panels than other manufacturers

Solar Panels – Mono, Poly, Bi-facial

  • How do you tell a Mono panel from a Poly?
  • What is a bifacial panel?

Notable Tier 1 Brands

  • Comparison of leading solar panel brands
    • Analysis of their reputations
    • Summary of the warranties they offer
    • Rating of the manufacturing process


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