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A swimming pool is a wonderful lifestyle asset and a source of much enjoyment. But who wants to swim in a cold pool? It’s so much nicer to swim in a pool that’s heated to a comfortable temperature. The kids will thank you; your friends will love it and your back garden will be the haven you want it to be.

But the cost of heating the water! Old fashioned gas and electric pool water heaters are energy guzzlers and cost a fortune to run. That’s why so many pool owners only use their pool in the summer months.

Now, thanks to advances in heat pump technology it’s possible to heat your pool throughout the year for just a few hundred dollars. Go a step further and connect your electric pool heat pump with a solar power system to get zero cost pool heating when the sun’s shining!

Get more fun and pleasure from your pool. Get an electric pool heat pump, teamed up with solar panels and you’ll have year-round swimming at an affordable cost.

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How to electric pool heat pumps work?

Electric pool heat pumps work in a similar way to a reverse cycle air conditioner. They draw in the ambient heat from the air, intensify it, then transfer that heat to the water that’s pumped into the unit from your pool.

The process works using an electric-driven fan to pull air into the system. The ambient heat from that air is absorbed by an ozone-friendly refrigerant known as R410A. The warm refrigerant passes through a heat exchanger. Pool water is pumped into the unit where the heat exchanger is located. The water is heated and pumped back into the pool.

Because electric pool pumps use heat that’s already in the air, they require a lot less energy than traditional pool heaters. A good electric pool heat pump will generate at least 5 to 10 times more heat than the amount of energy required to create that heat. That’s why they are so amazingly efficient and cheap to run.

Another great thing about electric pool heat pumps is that, unlike solar pool pumps, they don’t need sunshine to work. That’s because they use the ambient heat in the air, and that heat doesn’t even need to be very warm. The best electric pool heat pumps will work when it’s zero degrees Celsius – or even sub-zero – making them ideal for all temperature zones in Australia.

Cheaper to Run

An electric pool heat pump is the cheapest way to heat your pool throughout the year. They are around 50-80 percent more cost effective to run than propane or natural gas pumps. When compared to an old-fashioned electric pool heater the cost differential is even more startling.

Ideal with solar panels

Powering an electric pool heat pump with solar electricity from a rooftop solar system should result in zero-cost pool heating when the sun’s shining.

To achieve this, it’s important to get a big enough solar panels system that going to heat your pool, power your home – and maybe power an electric vehicle or even solar battery storage.

With solar costs coming down all the time, it makes sense to go bigger with your solar. That way you can heat your pool and run your household appliances for free during the daytime. Add a battery, and you’ve got free solar power 24/7.

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Advantages of electric pool heat pumps versus gas pool heaters

Whilst electric pool heat pumps cost more to install than gas pool heaters, they have much lower operating costs. Heating your pool with an electric pool heat pump will cost around half of what you’d pay with a gas pool heater, sometimes even less. Team it with solar panels and your costs will plummet still further.

With gas prices predicted to rise, it pays to heat your pool electrically. And the best and cheapest way to do that is with an electric pool heat pump that’s powered by the solar panels on your roof.

What’s more, electric pool heat pumps last longer than gas pool heaters. The lifespan of an electric heat pump is three times longer than that of a gas heater. This means lower maintenance costs, less hassle and more time to enjoy your pool!

Low running costs, due to their high efficiency (COP rating of at least 10)
Uses ambient heat so works even on cloudy days
Can be powered by a solar panel system, reducing costs still further
Low maintenance costs
Can be installed on the ground, requiring little space
Quick to heat

A well-sized electric pool heat pump should have your pool heated to your preferred temperature in 10 hours or less, even at the coldest times of the year

Can operate at zero degrees Celsius

and even sub-zero temperatures ongoing utility bills

Environmentally friendly

The refrigerant used does not impact the ozone layer; no harmful gases emitted from the system and no nasty smells!

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