Is $0 Electricity Bill possible when installing Solar Battery’s?

If you installing Solar Panels and your considering adding a Solar Battery Storage System, then you need to consider your consumption profile. If your not home during the day, installing a Solar Battery will we a good option for you. With the cost of the product going down, it is now possible for Households to get a $0 electricity bill. You just need the right sized Solar Panels with Solar Batteries. If your home during the day, your Solar Panels are generating power when your using Electricity. In this case, consider over sizing your Solar Panels so you have Electricity to store during the day so you can use it at night. You may not get to $0 Electricity but you will save a lot of money.

Before you buy Solar Batteries, if you are in VictoriaSouth Australia, Canberra or Queensland check out if your eligible for additional state Government Rebates. Solar Run has also reviewed Sonnen, LG Chem and Tesla Powerwall. More reviews coming soon. Do you research and check out product reviews to make sure your getting the best system for your.

All In One vs  Hybrid Solar Battery Installation

There are 2 main types of Solar Batteries available in Australia. All In One and Hybrid Battery. All In One Solar Battery has an in-built Inverter that controls the Solar Panel and the Battery Cells. Hybrid Batteries are Battery Cells only and require a compatible Hybrid Inverter to work with the Solar Panels.

When does a All In One Solar Battery make sense?

When the visual appeal is important to you, then you want a All In One Solar Battery Storage solution. Alpha ESS, Sonnen and Tesla Powerwall all offer a All In One Solar Battery System. LG Chem Battery is the only one that doesn’t. When installing Solar Panels with Solar Batteries at the same time it will be usually cheaper and visually nicer to install then a Hybrid option.

When does a Hybrid Solar Battery make sense?

This is the most cost effective solution if you have installed Solar Panels with a Hybrid Inverter. Some Households have done this to be ‘Battery Ready’. Be careful. Make sure the Battery you are installing is compatible with the Hybrid Inverter you have already installed.

We compare the leading Battery brands

What’s the verdict? The Alpha E-Store Solar Battery has a competitive price with a good balanced warranty. Buying a Alpha E-Store will give you the best return on investment. In Victoria and South Australia you can also a rebate up to 50% of the purchase price if you met the eligibility criteria. Lastly, be concerned if your Solar Retailer is offering you a Solar Battery Storage system that is not on the list below.

What about the rest of the Solar Battery Storage Solutions? All 4 Manufacturer’s are good. Its just some have strong points that stand out. If you are after a premium product and have the money, go get a Sonnen or Tesla Powerwall. For a good balance of product features and price go an Alpha ESS Solar Battery. If you are after a Hybrid Battery, go LG Chem, its going to be most cost effective to install.

Alpha Smile 5Alpha E StoreLG ChemSonnenTesla
Alpha ESS Solar Battery StorageAlpha ESS Solar Battery StorageLG Chem Solar Battery StorageSonnen Solar Battery StorageTesla Solar Battery Storage
Solar Battery Type All in OneAll in OneHybridAll in OneAll in One
Usable Capacity(Kwh)
Product Warranty Term 1010101010
Self Consumption Mode Warranty 80% of original output80% of original outputN/AN/AUnlimited
Energy Throughput Warranty 29.2mWh (If not self consumption mode)29.2mWh
(If not self consumption mode)
(If not self consumption mode)
Cycle Warranty3,140
(If not self consumption mode)
(If not self consumption mode)
(If not self consumption mode)
Performance Warranty
80% of original output in self consumption mode80% of original output in self consumption mode60% of original outputNot stated in Warranty Terms70% of original output in self consumption mode
Expandable YesYesYesYesNo
Price Class Cost EffectiveCost EffectiveCost EffectivePremiumPremium
Warranty Verdict

How to understand Warranty terms? We go through this in plain English.

  • Usable Capacity: Usable Capacity is the amount of usable kWh your Solar Battery can store. Battery’s can’t depreciate to 0% as it will wreck the battery, so not all of the power is usable.
  • Product Warranty: This is the warranty for the Product to be defect Free. Read each Manufacturer’s Product Terms to understand when warranty’s are void. Heat is a common reason to void a warranty.
  • Self Consumption Mode: This is only using the Electricity generated from your Solar Panels only. Typically in Self Consumption Mode you will do 1 cycle per day. Some Solar Battery Manufacturers like Alpha ESS and Tesla give you better Warranty if you only use Self Consumption Mode. Alpha Energy Storage System has a very strong Warranty. Over 10 years they still Warrant that you will get alteast 80% of the original Solar Battery capacity. This is the point that Alpha Solar Batteries are in big point of difference in value.
  • Energy Throughput: This is a measure of the total Electricity that your Battery Storage System has stored and put out. The more times you cycle your battery the quicker it shortens the lifespan. Similar to a mobile phone. Energy Throughput and Cycle Warranty are linked by a calculation. For example: Cycles Warrantied multiplied by Usable Capacity of the Solar Battery gives you Energy Throughput.
  • Cycles Warranty: Manufacturers will either give you an Energy Throughput or Cycle Warranty. They are the same value, just measured differently. Sonnen actually Warranty their product for up to 2.7 cycles per day (best in market). If you have cheap off-peak electricity rates, you can charge your battery with solar power during the day, then re-charge again in off-peak times at night. When you cycle once per day with an LG Chem Battery Storage System you will calculate that the warranty will only last you 8.3 years. The other point you need to consider with LG Energy Storage Systems is they only Warranty 60% of the original output. This is the lowest of the top tier Energy Storage Manufacturers. Solar Run can help you with your calculations. Do your research, compare products and we can help you recommend the best product for you.

6 Simple Steps to buying Solar Battery Storage

  1. Check if your eligible for any additional State Government Rebates
  2. Get a quote from Solar Run
  3. Consider if the Electricity Savings work for you
  4. Compare Solar Battery Storage Warranty Terms (we recommend the best for you)
  5. Get the System Installed
  6. Enjoy the savings

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