The battery storage can store excess energy produced during operation hours for later use in early morning or late afternoon. Additionally during the weekend the system can store energy that can be used to offset day to day consumption.

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The Solar Run Battery Storage Calculator provides a result based on indicative values provided by Solar Run. Certain assumptions are made in these calculations. Our ‘Solar Output WRT State’ rate is based on numbers provided by The Clean Energy Council in August 2011 and assumes an optimal panel placement. Similarly an ‘Export Cost WRT State’ is based on numbers provided by State Governments. We use the “Shoulder” tariff rates indicated. In states with ‘No Mandatory Minimum’ we use a rate of 0c. For simplicity we assume that all of the daily energy stored in a battery is consumed. We also assume a $1/day ‘Network Charge’ and calculate a normalised Solar Price per kWH over 10 years. While we endeavour to provide the most accurate calculation these values should not be considered completely accurate. These values were last updated 23.07.18.

Safer and more reliable

Solar Run battery storage has chosen LiFePO4 technology as a reliable solution for home solar batteries. Safety is priority when you install battery storage indoor or outdoor at your premise. With LFP technology there is no risk of combustion or explosion when the battery is exposed to heat or flame.

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