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Sonnen Battery Review – Are they any good?

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  • Premium 'All In One' Battery Storage System
  • Designed in Germany and assembled in South Australia
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The verdict on the Sonnen Battery Review

Yes, they are good. Sonnen is regarded as one of the top Energy Storage Manufacturers in the world and where recently acquired by Shell.  They are renowned for there quality product engineering and market leading warranty’s. The biggest benefit of Sonnen Battery is the ‘All In One’ solution. We  recommend Sonnen when performance is the most important consideration and price is not an obstacle. Our Sonnen Battery Review covers Costs, Buyers Guide, State Government Rebates, Inverters and Warranty.

If you are looking for a high performing battery then you will be looking at an Sonnen Battery. Our buying guide when considering a Sonnen Battery:

Are there any State Government Rebates available to subsidies some of the purchase cost? If so, some State Government Rebates offer interest free or low interest loans.

What is your budget and will that sized Battery be adequate for your home? If there is no State Government Rebate you will need to spend atleast $10,000 to $18,000. In South Australia, Victoria and Queensland you can get up to $6,000 off the cost of the Battery.

The return on investment or payback period? Do your numbers or have Solar Run do them for you. You need to be happy with the payback period.

Do you have an indoor area to install the Battery unit? Installing the Battery outdoors will significantly reduce the lifespan of the Battery Cells.

Do you need back up power? Installing a 10kWh and above Battery will keep your lighting circuits powered usually until the power returns.

Make sure you use a Clean Energy Council Approved Retailer (CEC Approved Retailer). Most State Government Rebates make this mandatory. Not choosing a CEC Approved Retailer will disqualify you from the Rebate.

What is Sonnen Flat Energy bundle?

If you have atleast a 5kW solar panel system and a minimum of 5kW Sonnen Battery, you are eligible for the Sonnen Flat Energy Bundle. Customers on the bundled plan will only pay a flat fee starting from $30 per month. Whiles its not an unlimited product, the consumption allowance is still enough for the average house not to pay more then the monthly cap. The below table compares the available Sonnen Flat Energy Bundles.

Sonnen Flat Energy Bundle

About the company

Sonnen believes that it is already possible to economically produce clean energy at home today. Started as an idealistic idea Sonnen has become one of the biggest producers of intelligent energy storage systems. The headquarters of Sonnen is in Wildpoldsried. A Bavarian village that is already running on 100% renewable and clean energy. Sonnen announced in 2018 that it will be opening an assembly facility in the former Holden factory located in Adelaide.

Sonnen Battery’s are widely installed in South Australia. They also offer a Virtual Power Plant option called sonnenFlat. While they are commonly written as Sonnen, they themselves prefer to not to capitalise the S (sonnen).

  • 40,000 installed systems
  • Founded in 2010

Our analysis of the Sonnen Battery

Panel Typeperformance Performancecompatibility Compatibilityvalue ValueVPP ReadyVPP Readysize Size

Our report of the Sonnen Battery (Batterie)

Are they fit for Australian conditions?

Yes. All of their batteries are clean energy council approved. Widely sold in South Australia Sonnen provides market leading batteries. Here in Australia we get very cold temperatures in Winter. In summer we get very hot temperatures. Based on our review we recommended that solar batteries are keep away from direct sun. Sonnen batteries have a wide range of operating temperatures.

Will it be compatible with your Solar Inverter?

Yes. The Sonnen Battery is AC coupled and is compatible with most CEC Approved Solar Inverters. This is only important when adding Solar Battery Storage to an existing system. On a new Solar and Battery installation there is no need for an additional Inverter. The reason for this is the Sonnen Battery System has an in-built Inverter. This will make the installation very neat and tidy.

How much is a Sonnen Battery?

South Australia, Victoria and Queensland have additional State Government Rebates. The rebate can half of the battery storage cost. This makes the Sonnen Battery more affordable. For other states, a full price Sonnen Battery could cost you up to $18,000 installed. Sonnen prices are more expensive than some other leading Solar Battery Providers. What you get is a great German Engineered Battery Storage System.

Are Sonnen Battery’s VVP (Virtual Power Plant) ready?

Yes, based on our Sonnen Battery Review. In some State Government Rebate Schemes its mandatory. The South Australia Home Battery Scheme requires all approved products to be VPP ready. Sonnen batteries are a great choice if you are considering signing up to a VPP (Virtual Power Plant). A VPP allows many solar systems to act together as a power plant. Collectively a VPP can then store power when it is cheap and sell it when the price is higher. The bigger the VPP the bigger the buying power. VPPs are not yet common but being “VPP ready” is an important consideration. Sonnen runs their own VPP system called sonnenFlat (available in South Australia).

Are they expandable?

No. Based on our Sonnen Battery Review, its not recommended. Battery Storage Systems are a large investment. Get the right system from the beginning. After all its a 10 + year investment. The Sonnen Battery is an All In One system so adding another unit in future years might be problematic.  Sonnen have 3 Battery Storage Cabinets. The 67cm x 88cm cabinet is the smallest in size and capacity. It typically has 5kWh of electricity. The 67cm x 137cm cabinet typically stores between 5kWh to 10kWh of electricity.The largest cabinet is 67cm x 137cm and typically stores between 5kWh to 15kWh. Do you homework and choose the right sized Battery Storage System for your home and budget.

Will the Sonnen Battery operate in the event of a black out?

Yes, but its usually an extra cost. It is available as an added extra from the manufacturer but it isn’t a requirement as black outs across major cities in Australia are few and fair between. If you do require battery back up, its worth working out how long you need battery back up for vs how long will the battery storage system will keep you running for.

Can the Sonnen Battery be installed on a 3 Phase Home?

Yes. The All In One Battery is typically installed on a Single Phase home. You can also install Single Phase Battery on a 3 Phase home. The Battery Storage System will be connected to 1 Phase of your home. This will allow you to install multiple Battery’s in your home. Speak to Solar Run for advice on best solution for your property.

There are alot of options on the market, so do you research, check out other products and assess your options.

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