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Download installation manual for all the major solar products below. Installation Manual provide all the information and details on how to install the product and analyse solar products.

Knowledge is power. That’s why we want to put the power in your hands by providing you with everything you need to build your solar knowledge. In this case, knowledge is clean, renewable solar power.

We have installation manual for all the leading solar panels, inverters and battery storage systems. This includes all the major brands like EGing, SunPower, Sungrow, SolarEdge and Tesla. You can download the manufacturer’s information to get all the technical specifications.

One of the most important steps to investing in a quality solar system for your home or business is research. Not all solar products are equal and there is not one size to fit all. The right solar product for you will depend on your energy consumption, budget, roof type, location and many more factors. For this reason it is important that you familiarise yourself with the options available and the qualities that distinguish them.

These installation manual contain everything you need to know to confidently invest in solar. Details in these installation manual include all the mechanical and electrical instructions. In addition, this manual also contains some safety instructions that you have to know. All contents in this manual are intellectual properties of SOLAR RUN which originates from the long-term technical exploration and accumulated experience.

If hard data is not your thing, then we recommend jumping over to our product reviews page. We layout everything you need to know about our solar range in plain English. However, if you are after details then you have come to the right place!

For more information, or assistance in interpreting the information provided on this page, contact our friendly specialists on 1300 076 527 today. Alternatively you can fill out our online enquiry form in the tab at the top of the page.


ManufacturerModelPowerInstallation Manual
imgEG--370M60-HE370Wimg Download
imgEG-400M54-HLV400Wimg Download
imgEG-415M54-HL415Wimg Download
imgEG-450M72-HEimg Download
imgJKM370M-66H370Wimg Download
imgJKM-370W-60HLM370Wimg Download
imgLR4-60HPH-370M370Wimg Download
imgQCELLS Q.MAXX-G2350Wimg Download
imgQCELLS Q.PEAK DUO L-G8.X430Wimg Download
imgQCELLS Q.PEAK DUO ML-G9390Wimg Download
imgREC325WNP BLK2325Wimg Download
imgRSM132-6-350M-370M370Wimg Download
imgSRP-370-BMC370Wimg Download
imgSRP-400-BMA400Wimg Download
imgSPV370-R60DWMG370Wimg Download
imgSPR-P3-330-BLK330Wimg Download
imgSPR-P3-370-BLK370Wimg Download
imgSPR-MAX3-395395Wimg Download
imgSPR-MAX5-415E3415Wimg Download
imgZXM6-NH120-370370Wimg Download


ManufacturerModelCapacityInstallation Manual
imgSTORION SMILE52.9 kWh – 60.6 kWhimg Download
imgALPHA SMILE5 +10.3kWh10.3kWhimg Download
imgALPHA SMILE5 + 11.4kWh11.4kWhimg Download
imgALPHA STORION SMILE T102.9kWh- 23kWhimg Download
imgLG Chem RESU10H9.8kWhimg Download
imgTesla Powerwall 214kWhimg Download


ManufacturerModelWifi-SetupInstallation Manual
imgABB-UNO-DM-1.2-5.0-TL-Plusimg Download img Download
imgFronius Symo Inverter (5kW -8.2kW)img Download img Download
imgFronius Primo Inverter (10kW - 20kW)img Download img Download
imgGoodwe Smart DT Seriesimg Download img Download
imgGoodwe MS Seriesimg Download img Download
imgGoodwe NS DNS Seriesimg Download img Download
imgGoodwe SDT G2 Seriesimg Download img Download
imgGoodwe SMT Seriesimg Download img Download
imgHuawei 29.9KTLimg Download img Download
imgHuawei 8-20KTL-MOimg Download img Download
imgHuawei 10KTL-MOimg Download img Download
imgHuawei 50KTL-MOimg Download img Download
imgSMA 5kW 1P SB5.0-1AV-41img Download img Download
imgSMA 10kW 3Pimg Download img Download
imgSTP15-25TL-30img Download img Download
imgSOFAR-5 KTLM-G2img Download img Download
imgSOFAR-6 KTLM-G2img Download img Download
imgSO FAR-7.5 KTLM-G2img Download img Download
imgSolaredge Single Phase Inverterimg Download img Download
imgSolaredge Three Phase Inverterimg Download img Download
imgSungrow Residential Inverterimg Download img Download
imgSungrow SG110CXimg Download img Download
imgSungrow SG30-50CXimg Download img Download
imgSungrow SG10RTimg Download img Download


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