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No matter whether you’re running a café or a conglomerate, solar can be a smart business decision. 9-5 businesses, in particular, are ideal solar candidates. With our commercial solar power systems, we guarantee to get your business cashflow positive from day 1.

Reputational benefits of solar are also increasingly important as more customers chose to spend their money with businesses that are taking tangible steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

Cost is no longer the barrier it used to be.  Solar panel prices have dropped 80 per cent in the last 10 years. Attractive government solar rebates for businesses reduce upfront costs by 30-40 per cent. Low-cost solar financing options – both on and off-balance sheet – can be tailored to meet your business requirements.

Whichever way you look at it, solar is good for business.

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Solar Made Easy

A simple, affordable way to control your energy bill

What size solar system is right for my business?

Our starting point for sizing a business solar power system is to review actual data on electricity consumption. Looking at a recent electricity bill gives a rough idea. But it’s far more accurate to use the 30 minute interval data from your network distributor. This shows exactly how much electricity is used each hour throughout the day and how this varies over a year.

It’s the most accurate way of sizing a commercial solar power system. We say it’s the only way!

Guideline solar sizing

Here’s a quick guide to the size of solar power system for businesses, based on average day electricity usage.

Calculating the right size solar system for business

Average daily electricity usage, kilowatt hours Size of solar power system
40 – 140 kWh 10 – 40 kW
140 – 360 kWh 40 – 100 kW
360 kWh or more 100kW +

What are the government solar rebates for businesses?

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