Take Back Control of Your Energy Bill with Solar Run

Energy prices have increased significantly in the past 10 years. By getting a solar installation, you could use 60% less energy from the grid and save around $105.85 in a single month*. Take back control of your family budget with Solar Run and change the way you source, use, and pay for energy. Join us in the solar revolution and start saving today. *Based on a 5kW Solar Array and 5kW battery system with 25kWh average daily consumption (40% usage during the day and 60% usage during the night), on $0.21 electricity rate and a $0.11/kWh feed-in-tariff.


Solar Deals

Solar panels are a simple way to generate your own energy. Solar Run comes with high quality Tier 1 solar panels with triple protection warranty and WiFi solar inverter to conveniently monitor your system's performance on your chosen devices.

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Battery Storage

Store the energy you generate from your solar panels to use after the sun goes down with solar battery storage. Replace the next lines with “Have your own virtual power plant with battery storage at your hands.”

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Solar Hot Water

Heating the water in an average home can take up to 25% of a household’s energy load. Use a more efficient method to heat your water to save money by installing a solar hot water system.

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*Join more 1.8 million Australians with solar on their roofs

People all over Australia are embracing solar. In fact, 3.4% of Australia’s
total power was generated from rooftop solar.”
*data provided by Clean Energy Regulator report 2018

If you love your home

Noticed that all of your neighbours now have solar? It’s easier than you think. With the help of Solar Run, you can install your own solar panel system too.

More money for the family

For families with kids at home, every dollar counts. Reduce your energy bill by installing a solar panel system.

Green and proud

After installing the rain water tanks for the new vegetable patch, it's time to get solar to live more sustainably.

Savvy solar investment

Why spend hundreds of dollars on your bill? Get the power back and take control of your energy by going solar.

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