Top 3 solar panels in Australia | Compare all the major solar panel brands

Solar Panels Rankings - 2022

Top 3 solar panels in Australia | Compare all the major solar panel brands

Comparing prices for solar panel costs can be a difficult task with the amount of online shops and price comparison websites advertising different panel prices for their solar power systems. That’s why we’ve created this simple guide that compares prices to give you a clear answer on the cost of each of the major solar panel brands.

This total cost can be reduced with the help of the Federal Government’s solar rebates, which can offer discounts on the installation costs based on the number of STCs (Small-scale Technology Certificates) that your system earns. For a more precise esalignnonetimate based on your location, you can find an STC calculator here. If you would like to learn more about the Government’s renewable energy subsidy scheme, have a look at our article on Solar Rebates.

The Best Three Solar Panels to Install

1. EGing

With over 17 years worth of experience and an elite-level Research and Development team, EGing PV stands amongst the top-level performers in all of China in terms of solar panel manufacturing and production. Their vertically integrated business model allows them to have the best solar panels while maintaining a great price for consumers.

Their EG-415 is the flagship of their solar panels and is recognized as one of the most efficient panels in the world. The 415W uses a multi-busbar technology pattern, which decreases the resistance loss between your solar panels and your solar inverter unit.

Its solar panel modules can achieve 21.22% efficiency, while having textured solar cell surfaces which allows for great performance, even in low-light or shaded areas. This is due to their half-cell technology. The half-cells can gather more photons even if the panel is partially shaded, which means that you will not lose efficiency if there is something blocking a portion of, our panels. The half-cut cells work in unison with the multi-busbar, which brings about lower resistance levels with higher power output.

Their warranties include a 20-year product warranty on all their panels, with a 25-year linear power warranty as well. Take a deeper dive into the EGing panels with our EGing Solar Panel review.

Q cells Panels

2. Jinko

Founded in 2006, Jinko Solar has become one of the largest (if not the largest) solar panel manufacturers in the world. Since 2016, they have held a tight grip on the number 1 spot for most solar panels and solar energy systems sold worldwide from China.

Being a huge multi-national company, Jinko Solar now has plants all over the world, with flagship factories in the US, China, and Australia. Their biggest successes have come from the Research and Development teams – who do strict quality control and durability testing. Many solar installers within the Australian market love Jinko Solar’s panels because of their ease of construction and installation.

Cheetah Series: The CHEETAH Solar Panels are Jinko’s most popular model, and the first to be named after a big cat. The CHEETAH Panels have varying sizes from 325, 340, and even 410 watts. They come in the standard 60 or 120 half-cut cell sizes.

The CHEETAH Series solar panels are recognized as the top-selling panel in Australia for the year 2020 and will continue to do so deep into 2021. Those who install Jinko Solar panels have said that they are the best balance between quality and value for the price you pay. Want to know more about Jinko panels? Review our Jinko solar panels

Jinko solar panels

3. SunPower

One of the most reputable solar panel manufacturers in the world – SunPower is known for its ability to innovate and create efficient and durable solar panels and solar energy systems. In the United States – they are the leading residential and commercial solar energy manufacturer and have been ranked #1 in commercial solar for the US since 2017.

One of their latest achievements is their MAXEON Solar Cell technology. It has a patented, flexible copper backing which allows for the cells to not only absorb more photons but to also last longer than conventional silicon-based solar cells. On top of that, all SunPower solar panels are backed by a 25-year warranty, with a performance warranty ranging from 88% to 92% efficiency.

Their A-Series solar panels are built with their latest and greatest solar cells, their MAXEON Gen 5s. They can deliver up to 22.3% efficiency and are known as the world’s first 400 watt solar panels.

Their X-Series solar panels are built with MAXEON Solar cells as well, while delivering a higher efficiency level, at 22.7%. The X-Series panels are built for spaces that are constrained by size and dimensions, which will work perfectly for a backyard project or commercial-grade projects. Take a deeper dive into our Sunpower product review to know more about Sunpower panels.

Sunpower panels

Solar Panel Price Index

Manufacturer6.6kW (basic inverter)9.9kW (basic inverter)6.6kW (premium inverter)9.9kW (premium inverter)
LG solar - Price comparison $8500 – $9500$12500 – $13500$10000 – $9500$14000 – $15000
Q cells - Solar Panel Price comparison $6000 – $7000$8500 – $9500$7500 – $8500$10500 – $11500
Q cells - Solar Panels Price comparison $5000 – $6000$7000 – $8000$6500 – $7500$9000 – $10000
Jinko Solar - Solar Panels Price comparison $5000 – $6000$7000 – $8000$6500 – $7500$9000 – $10000
Longi Solar$5000 – $6000$6500 – $7500$6000 – $7000$9000 – $10000
Seraphim- Price comparison$5000 – $6000$6500 – $7500$6000 – $7000$9000 – $10000
Risen- Price Comparison$5000 – $6000$6500 – $7500$6000 – $7000$9000 – $10000
Eging - Price comparison$5000 – $6000$6500 – $7500$6000 – $7000$9000 – $10000
At Solar - Price Comparison$5000 – $6000$6500 – $7500$6000 – $7000$9000 – $10000

This solar panel cost comparison table provides a clear view of the range of prices between the major solar energy brands and the price jump between the different sized solar systems.

One notable price difference is between systems with a basic inverter and a premium inverter. Inverters convert the DC electricity created by your solar panels into usable AC electricity that can power your home and everything in it. The higher the quality of your inverter, the greater the efficiency of the conversion. This means that your inverter plays a large role in the amount of electricity you can get out of your panels. The premium inverters have a steeper upfront cost, however over the lifetime of your solar panels this can result in a greater return on investment.

The Price of Extra Features

FeatureExtra Cost
Double Storey$500 – $1500
Split Array$150 – $350
Switchboard Upgrade$800 – $1800
Optimizers$85 – $150
Monitoring Units/Export Limiters$350 – $1000
Tilt Kits$50 – $100
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