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Jinko Solar Panel Review

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 by Shanaka
Great product and great team knowledge

Thank you Solar Run Keysborough, these guys are amazing! Super professional and extremely knowledgeable.

  • Jinko Solar Panels provide a cheaper option for a quality Tier 1 panel
  • The company has been the top solar panel manufacturer 4 years in a row
  • It has an excellent reputation for honouring warranties and providing great customer service

Jinko Solar Panel Review | Is the biggest also the best?

Jinko Solar may have only started in 2006, but since then it has grown into the biggest solar panel manufacturer in the industry. This incredible achievement can be attributed to a range of factors. From quality products and innovative design, to building a strong international network and an excellent reputation.

However, does size and scale necessarily translate into good customer experience and high value for money? We know that Jinko Solar has a good reputation, but is that reputation justified and is it worth the investment? Is the biggest solar panel manufacturer also the best solar panel manufacturer? In this review we aim to answer exactly these questions. Let’s find out.

About Jinko Solar

JinkoSolar or ‘Jinko’ is a Tier 1 solar module manufacturer based in China. Jinko Solar has been named the world’s biggest solar module provider for the last four years in a row. The company shipped 14.2 GW (gigawatts) in 2019. This was up from 11.4 GW in 2018. This 25% growth represents an enormous expansion in production capacity and strong momentum in global sales.

In terms of its infrastructure and workforce Jinko Solar is a global leader. In the 14 years since its foundation the company has spread to over 70 countries. It is now staffed by over 15,000 people. As of March 2020, Jinko Solar claims to have an annual capacity of 17.5 GW for mono wafers, 10.6 GW for solar cells, and 16 GW for solar modules. This suggests that the Jinko’s meteoric rise has not outstripped its production capacity. Continuing to keep its capacity above its demand means the company is likely to maintain its industry success and international growth.

Why should I choose Jinko solar panels?

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Quality solar panels

It’s safe to say that you can’t rise to the top of an industry as competitive as the renewable energy sector without making a quality product. However, Jinko Solar’s popularity has been built on providing a low cost alternative for a Tier 1 solar panel. Their foundation lies in prioritising affordability and reliability over design and optimisation. By mass producing cheap but powerful solar panels, Jinko was able to appeal to a broad audience and entice new customers to solar energy.

In recent years Jinko Solar have expanded their product range to include premium solar panels with higher module efficiency that incorporate cutting edge innovation. This move into premium solar panels means that Jinko now has something for everyone. Whether you’re after an entry-level panel from a manufacturer you can trust, or a powerful panel utilising the latest technology, Jinko has the solar panels for you.

Exceptional reputation

Reputation is important for more than just good PR. A solar manufacturer’s reputation is an indication of many different aspects of the company. International reputation is a testament to customer satisfaction, reliability of the product, reliability of the warranty and a reflection on the way that the company chooses to do business.
Jinko Solar has built and maintained an untarnished global reputation by providing high quality, affordable solar panels and excellent customer service. Jinko’s reputation is a selling point for many new and returning solar energy customers. As solar panels are a long term investment, it’s important to know that the company you buy from will still be in business for the lifetime of your purchase.

Customer service

Customer service is one of the core pillars of a good solar module manufacturer. A company with the best solar panels in the world would still fail if it had no ability to connect with and help its customers. Part of great customer service is responsiveness, helpfulness and reliability – especially when it comes to honouring warranty agreements.
When it comes to claiming your warranty or seeking assistance, Jinko’s wide infrastructure ensures that your requests will be handled in a timely fashion. Jinko Solar has an especially strong presence in Australia. With a head office in Sydney and facilities in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, Jinko ensures Australian customers can access local service.

How powerful are Jinko solar panels?

For their price range, Jinko solar panels are incredibly powerful and provide excellent value for money. Jinko’s product range is divided into three “series” that each offer a number of different levels of power.

Tiger Series

This series is actually divided into two due to the recent addition of the “Tiger Pro Series”. The original Tiger series features a Monofacial and a Bifacial option. The Monofacial comes in either a 66 cell or 78 cell model and boasts a 475w (watt) production capacity with a 21.16% efficiency rating.

Tiger Pro Series

The Tiger Pro Series also offers Monofacial or Bifacial models with either 72 or 78 cells. This premium series offers more power with 585w and a 21.4% efficiency rating.

Cheetah Series

The Cheetah Series provides a cheaper alternative than the Tiger Pro Series while still producing impressive power levels with great efficiency. This series has both 60 cell and 72 cell options that range in power from 345w to 410w. The efficiency rating for the Cheetah Series solar panels is 20.45%.

Can Jinko solar panels save you money?

With their low cost and high output levels, Jinko solar panels provide a great return on investment (ROI) for residential or commercial solar systems. If these solar panels are appropriately matched to your energy consumption needs and budget, they have the potential to massively reduce your energy bills over the lifetime of the product.

How do they look?

Jinko solar panels look great for their price point. Jinko have made their name through great production capacity and cheap production costs. So if design and aesthetics is your priority then Jinko might not be the solar panels for you. If you’re happy to have a cheaper looking panel in order to get great value for money with a product you can rely on, then Jinko is definitely worth your consideration.

Are Jinko solar panels suitable for Australian conditions?

Jinko solar panels are one of the most popular products on the Australian solar market. This isn’t an accident. Jinko have rigorously tested their panels in tough conditions to ensure that they can withstand the tough Australian climate. Whether it’s our blistering summers or icy winters, you can trust that your Jinko solar panels will be up for the task.

How do Jinko solar panels measure up against its competitors?

Jinko has outpaced all of its competitors due to providing a low entry-point for a high quality solar panel. Jinko now produces and supplies more solar panels than any other company in the world. This is thanks to its excellent reputation and wide reaching global network.

The Verdict

Jinko Solar has become the dominant solar panel manufacturer in the world for good reason. It’s high quality, low cost solar panels provide excellent power output and impressive efficiency ratings. Equally important is Jinko’s global reputation and customer service which are both world class. Jinko solar panels are for anyone that wants to get a premium product without the premium price tag.

If you want to learn more about Jinko Solar, or you have any questions for us, get in touch with us today on 1300 076 527 or fill out the enquiry form on our website. 

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    Solar Run
    Average rating:  
     1 reviews
     by Shanaka
    Great product and great team knowledge

    Thank you Solar Run Keysborough, these guys are amazing! Super professional and extremely knowledgeable.

    • Great product and great team knowledge


      Thank you Solar Run Keysborough, these guys are amazing! Super professional and extremely knowledgeable.

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