Solar Victoria Rebate back from 1st July 2019

Massive news for Solar Energy. 

Minister for Solar Homes Lily D’Ambrosio has announced a further $53 million in funding for the Victorian Solar Homes program. This decision will see the total number of rebates available for the 2019/2020 financial year increase from 40,000 to 63,000. Over 9,750 rebates will be made available throughout September. 

“We’ve listened to Victorians and to the solar industry about how we can make Solar Homes even better. These measures will mean cheaper bills for more Victorians this year, and provide a shot in the arm for the industry,” said D’Ambrosio. 

What does this mean for you?

While the value of the rebates will remain the same, the added funding comes with additional measures to increase safety, quality and fraud-prevention among solar retailers. The improved budget and oversight will make the transition to solar energy for households simpler and safer than ever.  

Solar Victoria’s Solar Homes program aims to incentivise Australians to transition to renewable energy, announcing in July rebates at a total value of $135mil for Solar, $40mil for Battery Storage. But hurry, its capped! Households can’t take both Rebates. Its either Solar Panel or Solar Battery Rebate!

Eligible households will be able to get:

Eligibility criteria is:

  • Less than $180,000 p.a. Taxable Income per household
  • Less than $3mil property value
  • Not installed Solar Panels after 2009

From 1st July :

  • It is mandatory to go with a CEC Approved Retailer
  • CEC Approved Retailer will only charge the net out of pocket rebate
  • Solar Victoria will pay the CEC Approved Retailer the rebate

D’Ambrosio has called the program hugely successful and has encouraged anyone considering installing Solar Panels and Batteries to do their research and take up the offer! This type of Solar Rebate is really unheard of and is by far the best Solar offer in any state across Australia. The Solar Panel Rebate is set to save the average house over $900 a year off their electricity bills! Watch the Daniel Andres Labour Government Election commitment here.

How much is the Solar Victoria Rebate?

The Solar Victoria Rebate is up to $2,225 for Solar Panel Installations and up to $4,838 off Solar Battery Installations. We have put together a simple  table to show you the price before rebate and the price after rebate. All products must be on the CEC Approved Products list to be qualify for the rebate.

System sizePrice Before Rebate*After RebateRebate Amount%
4.2kW solar$3,900$1,950$1,95050%
6kW solar$4,450$2,225$2,22550%
6.6kW solar$4,690$2,465$2,22548%
10kW solar$7,990$5,765$2,22528%
11kWh Battery$11,000$6,162$4,83843%

* Current as of 30/5/19. Check our latest Solar Deals for current pricing.

New Solar Rebate for Renters.

A further $82mil has been allocated in Solar Rebates over 10 years to help put Solar Panels on 50,000 Victorian Homes for Renters. Renters are set to have their Electricity bills slashed by an estimated $890 every year while Landlords will have a discounted Solar Panel Installation to help the marketability of renting a property. Landlords will have up to a 50% Solar Victoria Rebate for the Solar Panel Installation.

How do I get my Solar Rebate?

Easy. Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria then apply for a rebate.  You must first submit your eligibility application. To do this you will required to provide a Tax Assesment as proof that you are under $180,000 p.a. and a rates notice. You will then receive an eligibility number. When you have this, you will then be able to book in your installation. Once a installation is complete, Solar Run will then process your Rebate Application. The Solar Victoria Rebate will be paid to Solar Run directly, so all you have to do is pay the after Rebate Price.

New requirement for Inverters to be Smart Inverters.

All Solar Panels, Inverters and Battery Storage Systems must be on the CEC Approved Product list. From 1st July to be eligible for the Solar Victoria Rebate it is requirement for all Inverters to be Smart Inverters.

What is a Smart Inverter?

Enchanced Anti-Islanding

New Inverter requirements mean that they will require enhanced capabilities to islanding in the event of a black out. Anti-Inslanding protection detects loss of grid power within a fraction of a second and switched off the Inverter. This saves the grid equipment and your Inverter.

Volt-Watt and Volt-Var Features

The Volt-Watt and Volt-Var Features are said to have greater penetration of Distributed Energy Sources and improve power quality.

Solar Victoria program is a success!

In the first phase of the Solar Victoria program that only launched in October 2018 and closed in April 2019 a staggering 30,000 homes took up this amazing offer. The program was gaining so much momentum that almost 1,000 customers per week were claiming the rebate.

The second phase of the program, has an allocated budget of over $1.3 Billion. Over 750,000 households are set to benefit from reduced electricity costs.

The Solar Victoria Program is set to be capped each year. With STC rebates also winding down, now is the best time to get onto Solar. Get a quote, check our Solar Reviews on different products.

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