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Comprehensive Marketing Program

As Australia’s largest and most trusted Franchised Solar Retailer, we invest heavily in marketing. The strength of our marketing program is the cornerstone of the success of our franchise network. This, however is only the start of a Franchisees journey. To build a solid business you need to leverage off this foundation. This only comes with dedication and being consistent in following the processes and systems which Solar Run have built over the years.

Solar Run Website

Our website is always being updated, with new pages and information uploaded on a weekly basis. We also continually add SEO content, so it stays fresh and attractive to Google and other search engines.

Franchisee Initial Marketing Pack

  • Business Cards
  • Local Marketing Flyers
  • Corflute Signage
  • Car Signage
  • Uniforms
  • Presentation Folders
  • Compendium

YouTube Advertising

Advertising on YouTube is very powerful. We use client testimonials to show potential prospects our intention to provide cost eective, tailor made solutions for their families -helping them save money and become more energy independent.

Facebook Advertising

Everyone loves a good story and we use our Facebook page, not just for advertising, but to tell the amazing stories of how we have helped Australian families save money. This is what motivates us all to keep moving forward and beat the competition with superior product and knowledge.


We have only recently started using Instagram as a way of capturing pictorially how we are helping Australian families reduce their carbon footprint. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in our case, our system can save tens of thousands of $ for the average Australian family.

One of the benefits of being a Solar Run Franchisee is the comprehensive marketing programme that is conducted on behalf of all Owners. Our monthly fees are collectively used across multiple platforms, such as YouTube, Google Places and Facebook with the primary focus of building a stronger brand and helping to drive enquiries to our CRM. Our website provides a good source of knowledge and reviews on products in the marketplace. I’ve found this to be a very powerful tool when talking with customers, as I can navigate them through our site helping them to make informed decisions.

But this is just the start of the marketing available to every franchisee. Through our Support Managers, they will help assist with local marketing ideas, including having brochures & flyers created in a timely manner. Solar Run makes it simple to access all these programs, which saves me more time and money than if I was to try and do it myself.

David Perez

Solar Run
Earlwood NSW

Solar Run CRM Software


Start a new franchise

Starting any new business can be challenging. At Solar Run we walk with you on this journey providing practical advice. From setting up your bank accounts to completing trade references and supplier portal logins, we have a step-by-step program to set you on the path to success. We like start working with you before your training, so that you can hit the ground running and making sales. During your first few months, our Franchise Support Managers will assist you with system design, costing as well as attending client proposal presentations to help guide you through the process.


Convert your Business

Are you tired of wasting time and energy creating ads and marketing for your company. Wouldn’t is be better if you could just concentrate on selling solar PV Systems and making more money? At Solar Run we continually invest in our CRM and marketing platforms. This investment has seen our business grow over the past few years and has continued even during these Covid lockdowns whilst other companies have struggled. Being part of a larger organisation has helped our franchisees with greater product supply capacity, as well as better pricing as we source directly from the manufacturer. Being the 4th largest Solar Retailer in the 0-15kw market has its advantages.

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