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Getting Started With 9.9Kw Solar System

Our 9.9KW solar power system is one of our most popular packages, offering fantastic value for money. The 9.9KW solar solution is an ideal choice for larger family homes, offices, and small commercial operations. Many businesses find that a 9.9KW is the perfect middle ground between a 6.6KW residential and 30KW commercial solar power system. Solar Run is proud to offer the best 9.9KW solar panel system that money can buy, with access to the most advanced Tier 1 solar technology in the business.

Generating up to 10kW of solar electricity isn’t necessary for everyone. Small houses or houses with low energy usage should definitely be looking at smaller system sizes. However, for large homes with high energy usage and big appliances this may be the perfect investment for you.

If your electricity bill is in the realm of $800, then 10 kilowatts of solar power could end up saving you a fortune. Home additions like reverse cycle air conditioning, pools, home automation and pool pumps can all drive your electricity bill sky high.

Small businesses are another prime contender for 10kW solar systems. Consistently high energy usage throughout the day means that you could be making maximum savings by offsetting those costs through solar energy.

9.9Kw Solar System Cost

The cost of solar installations varies depending on the solar product you choose, the solar manufacturer who makes them and which state you’re in. Most of the information online about the price of 10kW solar panels can be confusing. That’s why we’ve made
things simple by providing a buyer’s guide to 10 kilowatt solar panels.

Below we have provided the starting cost of installing solar panels for each of the states with Solar Run outlets. These solar prices are meant as a guide to give you an idea of the cost of 10kW solar systems. For more information on each of the manufacturers available, check out our solar product reviews.

VIC 9.9kW Solar System

FROM 1500*

  • Ideal size for large home
  • Includes $1,850 Solar VIC rebate
  • Includes $1,850 Solar VIC loan
  • Pre Solar VIC rebate price is $5,200
  • Regional is extra
NSW 9.9kW Solar System

FROM 4,370

  • 38kWh output per day
  • Single Phase solar panel system
  • Free upgrade to 400W panel
  • 10 Year Workmanship Warranty
QLD 9.9kW Solar System

FROM 3,990

  • 42kWh output per day
  • For large homes
  • Free upgrade to 400W panel
  • 10 Year Workmanship Warranty
Newcastle 9.9kW Solar System

FROM 5,490

  • 42kWh output per day
  • For Large Home
  • Free Upgrade to 400W panel
  • High Quality System with Local support
Canberra 9.9kW Solar System

FROM 4,900

  • 42kWh output per day
  • For Large Home
  • Free upgrade to 400W panel
  • High Quality System with Local Support
Adelaide 9.9kW Solar System

FROM 13,490

  • 42kWh output per day
  • For Large Home
  • Free upgrade to 400W panel
  • High Quality System with Local Support

Is 9.9Kw Solar System Right For You?

To decide if this is the right system size for you; we firstly need to find out what your average daily consumption of electricity is. This information is readily available on your latest quarterly power bill. If your average daily consumption falls between 32 to 40kWh (see below 9.9KW SYSTEM OUTPUT IN MAJOR CITIES Table); the 9.9kW system would technically be a safe choice. As in the 9.9kW Solar system would on average generate a similar amount of energy respective to what you are using daily and also allow you to comfortably increase your daily consumption if needed.

Home and businesses that are deciding whether 9.9kW Solar panels are right for them should consider:

In this article we will cover all of these essential elements to help you make an informed final decision. Choosing the right solar power system involves understanding your needs and the options on the market. If you have any further questions about anything covered in this article, you can contact our friendly specialists on 1300 076 527

Savings and Payback on 9.9kW Systems

To get the most value for money from your solar system you will want to be self-consuming most of the power that you generate. Sending excess electricity back into the grid can reduce your energy bill and save you money. However, the rate for feed-in tariffs is less than what you pay for electricity from the grid. This means that you will get a greater return from your system if you are consuming the majority of the power that you generate.

While you will start saving money from the moment you have your 9.9kW solar system installed, the true value for your money will come after the payback period. This is the time it takes for your system to pay for itself through the savings that it generates in your energy bill. The average payback period for 10 kilowatt systems is around 4 years.

The amount of time it takes for your system to complete this period will depend on where you live as that will dictate the amount of sun you receive and the amount you paid for upfront costs.

You can expect your system to efficiently work for 25-30 years. This means that you can hope for 20-25 years of your system providing you with direct profit through your greatly reduced energy bills

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Now that you have done all the digging and research and have you heart set on the 9.9kW System, what next? Its simple really, just click on the Free Quote button below, fill in your details and you will hear back from one of our Sales consultants as soon as possible. Once you are on the phone with them they will provide you the required knowledge and assistance to make your Solar journey seamless. So what are you waiting for? Lets get you on the path to start saving…

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