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  • How to choose the right solar panels
  • Price comparison of the leading solar panel brands
  • Top three solar panels to install in 2020
  • Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions
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Solar Panel Pricing | Cost Comparison, Table & Guide

  • Solar Rebates Program How much should I pay for solar panels?
  • Solar Rebates Program Which are the best type of panels to buy?
  • Solar Rebates Program What is the difference between Half Cell and Full Cell panels?

These are just some of the questions we get asked every day by our customers. Shopping for solar panels isn’t easy, especially when you don’t have all of the information you need. We created this guide to answer all of your most pressing solar panel questions and to give you the inside knowledge on which solar panels to pick and which to avoid.

In this eBook we guide you through the solar market. Using tables, price comparisons and product analysis we will teach you how to shop for solar panels with confidence. One of the most powerful weapons any customer can be armed with is knowledge. This eBook will arm you with all the knowledge and information you need to make an informed decision on the right solar panel for your home, your needs and your budget.

Solar Panel Price Comparison

In this eBook we provide an in-depth cost comparison between the major solar panel manufacturers on the market today. This includes the price difference between the two most common sizes for solar systems, 6.6kW and 9.9kW.

Further breaking down the costs, we compare the price differences between systems that include a basic inverter and those that include a premium inverter. With this data you will understand the range of prices offered by the leading solar panel manufacturers which will give you the freedom to choose the price that best suits your needs.

Top 3 Solar Panels to Install

From our analysis of each of the major solar panels on the market, we have highlighted three brands which are offering the best product and prices to customers.

Q Cell

For more information on the Q Cell solar panels, check out the eBook or visit our Q Cell Solar Panel review.


You can learn more about JA and the solar panels they have on offer by reading the eBook or clicking over to our JA Solar Panel review.


Eging solar panels are one of the leading solar panels for price and warranty. To find out more, download the eBook and read our Eging review

The Price of Extra Features

The price of solar panels is not limited to the cost of the product alone. Many homes will require additional features to help boost the solar system’s energy production capacity, adapt to issues like shading and help tilt the panels for optimal sun exposure. Download the eBook for our cost breakdown of the most common extra features for solar panels.


Finally we cover all of the remaining questions that our customers ask us each day.

  • Solar Rebates Program What is Tier 1?
  • Solar Rebates Program Can you tell me the difference between Poly vs Mono Perc vs Bi-facial?
  • Solar Rebates Program Which is better, Half Cell or Full Cell?
  • Solar Rebates Program How much is usually covered by Product Warranty?
  • Solar Rebates Program Is Performance Warranty important?
  • Solar Rebates Program What is temperature coefficient? Why is it important?


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