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  • 9-9kw-solar-system10kW Solar System

    $900* Out of Pocket

    • Ideal size for large home
    • Includes $1,400 Solar Vic rebate
    • Includes $6,950 interest-free
    • Pre Solar Vic rebate price is $9,250
    • Regional is extra


    6.6kW Solar System6.6kW Solar System

    $99* Out of Pocket

    • Ideal size for medium home
    • Includes $1,400 Solar Vic rebate
    • Includes $4,650 interest-free
    • Pre Solar Vic rebate price is $7,549
    • Regional is extra


  • 10kWh Alpha ESS Battery10kW Battery Add-On

    FROM $5,990*

    • 10kW Alpha ESS Battery
    • Best Value Battery
    • Includes $3500 Solar Vic rebate
    • Pre Solar Vic rebate price is $9,490
    • Regional is extra



bill before solar $682.20
bill after solar $2.02.

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At Solar Run, we have an extensive team of experienced technicians and installers committed to helping homeowners and companies across Melbourne, Victoria gain easier access to the benefits of solar power systems. Pairing the best prices found on any solar deals on the market with government rebates, we are able to provide the lowest quotes on our products and installation services, helping you slash your utility bills and reduce ongoing carbon emissions.

Jamie’s first bill after solar was only $2.02

Jamie’s first electricity bill since getting solar was $2.02
Jamie is a Melbourne homeowner who now has Solar Panels and is wrapped with the savings. What made Jamie really smile was his first solar bill in summer was a total of $2.02 for 3 months. He saved $656 in the first 6 months.

Local service and support for all Victorian’s
Solar Run now has over 23 franchisees across Victoria. Unlike other companies in the industry, our installers love providing great value solar deals, low prices and a high level of customer service. Our network provides local support that are backed by a national brand.

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Confused about Solar Panels? Our useful links go through the information and prices you need to know before purchasing Solar. We cover everything from Solar panels reviews to the Solar Victoria Rebate.
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Am I eligible?

Victorian households are eligible to receive a rebate for installing a solar PV system if they meet the following criteria….

Getting started?

We’re also making it even easier to take up solar, introducing a new, more efficient system for applications…

Obtaining a quote & applying for eligibility.

We’ve updated the rebate process to make it even easier for Victorians to take up solar….

0% interest loans for up to 4 years solar

Is a positive cash flow investment. Eligible households can now get up to 4 years 0% interest loans.

Get up to $1,400 Solar Rebate.

The Victorian Government is providing up to $1850 rebate to eligible households for the installation of Solar Panels. Rebates are capped, so you need to get in quick.

Get up to $3,500 Battery Rebate.

The Victorian Government is providing up to $3,500 rebate of Battery Storage Installations. You can’t get both Solar Panels and Battery Rebates. It’s one or the other.

How to claim Solar Victoria Rebate

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Solar Victoria Rebate back from 1st July 2021

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Investing in solar power systems is always a big decision for both homeowners and companies. It is important to have all of the information available surrounding VIC government and battery rebates on offer, the various types of solar power systems, the installation processes, and the best deals on panels for your situation. To learn more and receive personalised quotes, contact our installers at Solar Run today by calling 1300 076 527, or leaving your details on our online contact form.



Buyer’s Guide to Solar Panels Melbourne

Melbourne homeowners are blessed with massive solar rebates! But hurry, rebates are reducing from the 1st of January 2022. Rebate amounts are limited and available to new solar panels Melbourne installation and solar battery storage systems.

This guide covers everything you need to know about installing a Solar System in your Melbourne home or business. From solar panel options and technology, to solar hot water, battery storage and government solar rebates, we’ve got you covered.

Frequently lauded as the world’s most livable city, Melbourne is a hub of innovation. This explains why Solar Energy is one of the city’s largest emerging markets. Melbourne’s trams have been some of the latest beneficiaries of the progress in solar technology, with the whole tram network now offset by solar power.

Here in Melbourne we use electricity to cool our houses during the blistering summer months. We also use electricity to warm them in the frosty winters. Solar Panels can provide us with all the electricity we require, year round.

Solar technology reduces your carbon footprint, slashes the cost on your energy bills and grants you access to free, clean power for your home. There are plenty of fantastic reasons to be considering the switch to solar in Melbourne.

Before we jump into the essential information – like how many solar panels you will need and the cost of your system – we go over the Victorian Solar Rebate in more detail and show you how to claim your rebate. If we missed something you can let us know in the comments below.

The Solar Victoria Rebates under the Victorian Solar Homes Solar PV Rebate gives applicable customers up to $1400 off the price of their solar system. The subsidy covers most of the cost of a new solar PV system as long as you meet a few simple criteria:

  • You are the owner-occupier of the property
  • You have a combined household taxable income of less than $180,000 per year
  • Your property is an existing property valued at under $3 million
  • You do not have an existing solar PV system*

On top of the Solar Victoria rebate you can also get an Interest free loan from Solar Victoria to match the Solar Victoria rebate up to $1400, Payable over 4 years.

Are rebates really limited? Yes, here is the release dates and the amount of solar rebates up for grabs:

MonthRelease 1Release 2TotalRebate

Before you ask that question, you need to know which solar panel system size you need for your home. Have a look at the chart below, which size will fit you best?

So, how big is your household?

Now if we take a look at the average energy consumption:

  • 17.3 kWh per day for a couple
  • 24 kWh per day for a family

And compare it with the output of solar panel systems on offer in Melbourne:

  • 23.8 kWh for a 6.6kW system
  • 32 kWh for a 9.9kW system

We can see that a 6.6kW system would work for a small family with low usage.  A household with a high consumption should get a 9.9kW system to meet their current and future needs. Of course, your household might use more or less than the average.

So now you have an idea of what you need, “How much will it cost to install solar panels in Melbourne?”:

  • The 4.2kW system is $2,100
  • The 6.6kW system is $2,665
  • The LG Battery add-on is $8,990 after STC rebates and Solar Victoria Rebates

This seems very simple. Is it all this easy?

The numbers above assume that you used all of that power immediately. For most households electricity-use peaks in the evening once the sun has clocked off for the day. So, while a solar system might produce enough electricity, most of us can’t make use of it. Instead, we will be lucky if we can offset 50% of our actual power use.

To figure out the actual production of your system, you can ask our friendly solar experts.

Here in Melbourne, we use power to cool our houses in summer and in winter we use power to warm them. Solar Panels can provide us with all the power we need.

In Melbourne and Victoria, we experience a slightly colder winter compared to the rest of Australia. This will affect solar panel production as there is less overall sunlight throughout the year. During the summer months solar panel systems typically produce more power, while in winter months the system will produce less.

3.6kWh per kW of solar installed on average is the yearly average for Victoria.

Important Questions to Consider

To figure out your actual production (of the system you are considering) and the effect it has on your energy bill you will need to consider:

  • What size are the panels?
  • When did you install the panels? Are they new?
  • How much sunshine do we receive in Melbourne?
  • Are the panels facing north?
  • What is the angle of the panels?
  • Is there any potential shading?
  • Whether or not you are home during the day?
  • How much are the feed-in tariffs?

Interested in reading more about “Average Solar Panel Production in Melbourne” and all the assumptions related to this question? Read all about it on our “Average Solar Panel Production in Melbourne” page.

The reason we look at average solar panel production levels is to determine how much it will affect your energy bill.

There are a lot of assumptions when talking solar. Exact numbers can be difficult to predict because, as they say, “who knows what the weather will bring?”

Get to know your average solar panel production in Melbourne

Melbourne Solar Production

This graph provides a rough guide to how much energy different solar panel systems can produce in different seasons. The reason we typically look at the average solar panel production levels is that solar production is highly affected by weather conditions and the amount of solar irradiation (how much sun reaches your house). These factors determine how much power your solar panel system produces.

Is there any difference between summer months and winter months?

The summer peak is 5.4kWh/day in January but in winter you can expect 2.5 kWh/day in June. On average Melbourne gets 3.6kWh/day. Overall there is a variation of 2.9kWh/day between the darkest month and the brightest. A north facing panel will get the highest production across a day while a south facing panels production drops to around 80%. In winter a south facing panel might not produce power at all.

There is a direct relationship between system size and amount of panels. And when you choose a system size you have to keep in mind of your household’s energy consumption patterns and where your solar panels are positioned. The way your panels are oriented, their tilt and the presence of shade all affect the amount of electricity they produce. Remember: not all solar panels are created equal.

System SizePoly 275WMono PERC 300WHalf Cell 370W
4kW15 panels14 panels11 panels
5kW19 panels17 panels14 panels
6.6kW24 panels22 panels18 panels
9.9kW36 panels33 panels27 panels

Solar panels are getting better every year and we get more power per panel every year. That means either more power from our roof or less panels needed. For example, if you have a smaller available roof space you could use higher wattage panels to get more power from a smaller space.

Other important questions you should ask about your system:

  • What size are the panels?
  • When did you install the panels? Are they new?
  • How much sunshine do we receive in Melbourne?
  • Are the panels facing north?
  • What is the angle of the panels?
  • Is there any potential shading?
  • Whether or not you are home during the day?

Still on the fence? You don’t have to be. Getting solar is as simple as putting any appliance in your home. Solar makes perfect sense for these reasons.

  • 6 Solar Panels are installed every minute

    Across Australia 6 Solar Panels are installed every minute. Why? The answer is simple. Electricity prices continue to rise and rather than pay large energy retailers, it is cheaper to generate the power yourself with solar panels. In Melbourne, the largest single-phase solar system you can install is a 6.6kW Solar Panel system. This is enough to power a 3+ bedroom home. Solar Run has Franchisee’s across Melbourne who can help you get the right system for your home.

  • The Solar Victoria rebate is coming to town

    The Solar Victoria Rebate is available for 650,000 homes. On top of the STC rebate, you will receive a further $1,400 paid from the Victorian Government plus an interest free loan though the state government. It’s all about Victorian households getting more energy independent rather than making huge profits for large energy retailers. Claiming the Solar Victoria Rebate is easy. 

  • Get ready for battery

    If you have Solar Panels installed at your property and haven’t claimed the Solar Victoria rebate or you are considering installing Solar Panels in Melbourne then the Victorian Government will be paying $2,950 of your Battery system to be installed.

Why? It is simple.

Solar Battery Storage allows Victorians to benefit from solar energy both day and night. A more technical reason for the upcoming battery scheme is that Installing a Solar Panel system with Battery Storage helps balance the grid. It also allows households to use power when the sun is down, therefore causing less strain on the grid during peak times. Need help with the rebate? Speak to our Solar Run team to help you size the right system and access the Solar Victoria Rebate.


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