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AlphaESS Solar Battery Review

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  • Powerful solar storage solution with impressive capacity and efficiency
  • Reliable product and battery warranty with a good international reputation
  • Innovative design resulting in a powerful product that is stylish and durable

AlphaESS Review |5 reasons this battery will make you smile

The SMILE5 solar battery from AlphaESS is a solar storage solution with the latest in powerful clean energy innovation. AlphaESS batteries boast intelligent energy management for residential and commercial use. With exceptional storage capacity, intuitive design, durable frame and a reliable product warranty, Alpha solar batteries are some of the best solar storage products available today.

About AlphaESS Solar

AlphaESS is a leading solar energy company founded in 2012 in Nantong, China. While still a young solar battery company, AlphaESS products have already been sold to over 50 countries worldwide. With over 10,000 solar products shipped around the globe, AlphaESS has developed a strong international reputation.

AlphaESS has partnered with the solar manufacturer EVE. Established in 2001, EVE is a large Chinese manufacturer of batteries for solar products and electric vehicles. Through this partnership AlphaESS has been able to deliver high quality solar batteries. By combining the innovation of Alpha and the large-scale capacity of EVE, Alpha solar batteries are one of the fastest growing solar storage products on the market.

Why should I choose AlphaESS Solar Batteries?

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5 Reasons to smile about the AlphaESS SMILE5

1. Advanced Technology

Using the most advanced technology and design features, Alpha batteries have a massive storage capacity and an easy to use interface.The SMILE5 is part of Alpha’s residential series with capacity options of 2.9kWh, 5.7kWh and 10.1kWh for standard residential and all the way up to 60.6kWh for commercial systems. AlphaESS have focused on creating a solar battery with exceptional response time, 27/7 monitoring, intelligent control and a long lifespan. With the latest in solar technology innovations Alpha has achieved these lofty goals with the SMILE5 solar battery. 

2. Safety

The AlphaESS battery range features an impeccable safety record. Their batteries are powered by lithium iron phosphate – the safest chemistry for lithium battery types. This way you can rest assured that your solar battery is safe and efficient. 

3. Compatibility

To improve convenience and compatibility for customers, AlphaESS has made sure that their solar batteries are compatible with both new installation and retrofits. This means that regardless of what system you currently have installed, it’s likely the AlphaESS solar battery range will easily fit with your setup. If you are unsure if your system is compatible with an AlphaESS battery, contact us today to speak with one of our friendly specialists. 

4. Reliability

The SMILE5, along with the rest of the AlphaESS solar battery range, is a powerful and reliable solar product. With innovative German design, these solar solutions offer superb performance and impressively long lifespans. With easy 24/7 monitoring and exceptional performance, you can rely on your battery saving you money wherever you are. 

5. Multifunctionality

If you’re someone that loves customisation, then you’re in luck. The AlphaESS SMILE5 has multiple operation modes available. With its simple interface and remote access, you can get the most out of your system with the settings and configuration that best suits needs. 

How Powerful are Alpha-ESS solar batteries?

In short, Alpha solar batteries are as powerful as you need them to be. With residential and commercial products available in a range of sizes and modules, you can choose the battery that will best fit with your optimal system.  

To be more precise, the Alpha SMILE5 has a nominal output power of 5000 W and a capacity range between 2.9kWh and a whopping 60.6kWh for commercial batteries.

How much can you save with Alpha-ESS solar batteries?

Alpha solar batteries can help you to drastically reduce both your energy bills and your carbon emissions. By enabling storage of the power produced by your panels, solar batteries allow you to optimise your solar system and get the most out of your money. This means that in a standard residential solar installation, an Alpha solar battery has the potential to prevent energy loss and enormously increase the value for money from your system. 

Over the lifetime of your system this means massive financial savings as well as a huge difference to your environmental impact. 

How does it look?

The solar batteries from AlphaESS are sleek and stylish. Featuring a uniform look to fit seamlessly into your home, the Alpha batteries are a great choice for anyone favouring design and looks. This battery can easily fit into the current style of your home while adding a stylish, modern look. 

Are Alpha-ESS solar batteries durable enough for Australian conditions?

Yes. Alpha solar batteries boast a strong frame designed to hold up in most conditions. This sturdy design ensures protection during the harsh Australian weather. It also provides high performance over the lifetime of the product. 

Do Alpha-ESS solar batteries come with a good warranty?

Yes Alpha solar batteries include a reliable warranty. The included warranty provides a 5 year product coverage and a 10 year battery warranty. Alpha has a good reputation for upholding their warranty. 

The Verdict

You should be considering an investment in Alpha solar batteries if your focus is reducing your energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint. These batteries are beautifully designed, incredibly powerful and tested to withstand tough conditions. If you want a solar product you can rely on to power your home and lower your bills, Alpha solar batteries are for you.


Find out more about AlphaESS solar batteries. Fill out our online enquiry form or contact our friendly specialists on 1300076527 today. 

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