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  • Sofar has an excellent reputation for producing quality Solar Inverters
  • An excellent solar manufacturer for those prioritising affordability and performance
  • Innovative design resulting in a powerful product that is stylish and durable

SOFAR Solar Inverter Review |Efficient, Stylish, Durable

Sofar Solar has become one of China’s largest exporters of inverters and one of the most respected manufacturers in the world. In this review of Sofar inverters we will look at the company behind the product, what makes their products stand out and determine whether they are a smart solar investment.

Inverters are the heart of a Photovoltaic (PV) Solar system. Whether you are looking for a commercial solar system or residential, getting the right inverter can make all the difference. They are responsible for converting the energy captured by the panels in your solar array from a Direct Current (DC) into an Alternative Current (AC) which can power your home or business. Choosing the right inverter for your needs helps to optimise your solar system. The more optimised each element of your system is, the more efficient it will be at generating solar power. More energy produced by your system means more value for money.

So to ensure you maximise your Return On Investment (ROI) for your solar system, do your due diligence and research the best inverters on the market. Sofar Solar may be a relatively young company, but they have surged to one of the big players in the solar market. First we will look at the company itself. This can tell you vital information about the solar product. Their global reputation is a good indication of their customer service, their warranty and the quality of their products. All of these elements are important to understanding whether you can feel confident investing in a product that will hopefully be saving you money for the next 10 to 20 years.

About the Company

The mission statement of Sofar Solar is “Creating Clean Energy and Leading A Green Life”. Currently known as one of the top 5 string inverter companies in China, Sofar Solar has a reputation for being reliable, efficient and professional. So how did they get here?

SOFARSOLAR is a subsidiary of the Chinese Shenzhen SOFAR Group which was founded in 2007. While solar energy was just one aspect of the group’s broad portfolio, in 2012 SOFARSOLAR was established to focus on the research, development and production of solar inverters. The company specialises in grid-tied inverters which range from 1 kilowatt (kW) to 7.5kW for residential solar power systems and 10kW to 70kW for commercial systems.

In subsequent years the company has grown massively in size, production capacity and reputation. They now have over 400 employees and boast a highly experienced research and development team that has helped to improve both the software and hardware of inverter technology.

In addition to their in-house growth, Sofar Solar has expanded its international presence. The company website states that they now cover “more than 60 countries and regions in the world, and occupy an important market share in China, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Brazil, South Korea, Germany, Vietnam, India, Russia, South Africa, Pakistan, the Philippines and other countries.”

What are Sofar Inverters?

Sofar inverters have become popular due to their efficient power conversion, stylish design, durable frame, decent warranty and affordable price. While the range of inverters available from Sofar is broad, there are some consistent features across each of their products:

    • 25-year data storage capability (Internal SD Card)
    • Can be integrated in PV Solar systems
    • Insured by US CHUBB Insurance Corporation Company
    • Standard Wifi communication

    Why should I choose a Sofar Inverter?

    Panel Typeperformance Performancevalue ValuebatteryBatterywarranty Monitoring

    How efficient are Sofar inverters?

    For the price range, Sofar inverters have some of the best efficiency rates on the market. They have been shown to have an efficiency rating of 98.7%, which is excellent.

    How good is their warranty?

    Standard with all Sofar inverters is a 10 year warranty. In the first 12 months you have the option to purchase an extension of this warranty of 10, 15, 20 or 25 years. Sofar have a good reputation for honouring their warranty. It is recommended that you extend the warranty to safeguard your investment.

    Can Sofar inverters save you money?

    Yes. If you correctly match a Sofar inverter to your solar system and to your energy and financial requirements, then they have the potential to drastically cut your energy bills. Reducing your energy bills over the 10-20 year lifetime of the system can result in huge financial savings.

    How do they look?

    Sofar inverters have been praised for their sleek, durable and minimalist design. The industrial level design includes a die-casting frame, 4 inch diamond screen and simple four button interface. The look is both unassuming and elegant. It should fit discreetly in any home.

    Are these inverters suitable for Australian conditions?

    Yes. Sofar’s inverter range has become some of the most popular inverters in the Australian market. This is not just due to their efficiency and performance, but also their durability and reliability.

    How do Sofar Inverters measure up against the competition?

    Sofar deserves its place among the most popular inverters on the market today. While SMA and Fronius may outperform them in certain criteria, when balanced for performance and price then Sofar is equal to many of its competitors.

    The Verdict

    Sofar has become one of the dominant manufacturers of inverters due to their quality product, affordable price tag and innovative technology. While other inverters can boast some slight performance advantage, when looking at all elements the Sofar inverters are a strong option. Anyone balancing price, performance and design should consider one of their inverters.


    To find out more about Sofar solar inverters, fill out our online enquiry form or contact our friendly specialists on 1300076527 today.

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