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SolarEdge solar panel and inverter review 2021

Solar Run
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by Tony on Solar Run
Easy Monitoring

I loved the app and cool things what I can do with it. Panel monitoring is really cool with SolarEdge Inverters.

  • Enhances energy production by optimising panels even if panels are compromised
  • 25-year power optimiser warranty, 12-year inverter warranty, extendable to 20 or 25 years
  • Panel level monitoring gives you the ability to track the performance of each panel

Why are SolarEdge solar panels and inverters so good?

SolarEdge is so good because the DC opmisters optimise solar panels performance while giving users panel level monitoring. The products also have some of the best safety features to also give you peace of mind. SolarEdge is a publicly listed company on the NASDAQ and has a market capitalisation of over $13billion USD.  The company was founded in 2006 with its headquarters based in Israel. SolarEdge has a great support team in Australia for both customers and installers. The Australian office is based NSW but has staff all over Australia. The product and support staff are really high quality. Check out the key features of SolarEdge panels and inverters.

Why is SolarEdge so good?

Inverter Typeperformance Performancevalue Valuetoughness Batterywarranty Monitoring

Here are some SolarEdge features that you may not be aware of:

1. Find out if you have a faulty solar panel or low performing panel.

With SolarEdge you can find out which specific panel is faulty. With a standard inverter, you may never get to realise that you have a faulty solar panel.

Solar Edge Inverter

2. SolarEdge has rapid shut down

Why is this important? Power can be shut down at the panel level to reduce the shock hazard of emergency responders. With string inverters, when the sun is shining your power is still at a highly dangerous voltage in the case of emergency there is no way to shut this down. In the US, it is already mandatory to have this feature. If we care about safety here in Australia we will soon follow too. Future proof your solar installation by installing SolarEdge.

Module level Shut Down

3. SolarEdge inverters have a standard 12-year warranty.

A 12 year warranty is standard with SolarEdge this is upgradeable to 25years at a small cost.The optimizers come standard with a 25 year warranty.

Solar Edge - Warranty

4. Seriously cool panel-level and consumption monitoring.

Can you believe with most solar installations you can’t see how much power you’re consuming vs exporting to the grid? With SolarEdge you can keep your energy retailer honest and educate yourself with the best consumption patterns to maximise savings.

Solar Edge Consumption Monitoring

5. SolarEdge optimisers improve solar production.  (Shade, soiling, cloud cover, multiple panel directions)

Optimisers are mounted to each panel to correct module mismatch and optimise the system to produce more power. As time goes on, the SolarEdge performance gains are even bigger as each solar panel will vary more in performance over time.

6. Harvest More Power from Each Panel

SolarEdge enables more energy generation from each solar panel by mitigating power losses that result from mismatch between panels. Weaker panels do not affect the performance of strong ones. The SolarEdge system is future proofed against potential risks that could cause decrease lifetime energy production.
Solar Edge Power

Are SolarEdge Inverters suitable for Australian Conditions?

Yes. All of their inverters are clean energy council approved. Widely sold in Australia are the single phase HD Waves series.

What to do if your roof has shading?

If you have any form of shading on your home look to further SolarEdge is exactly what you are looking for. SolarEdge will help you get the most production from your solar system.

How much will a SolarEdge inverter and optimizer cost?

SolarEdge is a premium quality system that comes at an affordable price for what it offers. Compared to Fronius and SMA the price difference is approximately $500 for a 6.6kw system.

Are these inverters Battery-ready?

Yes all SolarEdge inverters are battery ready, when you decide to add a battery in the future you will need to install the SolarEdge interface which comes at a small cost during the battery installation. When this battery is installed if will appear in the same app as your solar panel monitoring.

When you need an inverter manufacturer that can back the warranty.

While there are no guarantees in life, SolarEdge have an exceptional team to help with any warranty issues if they do happen. Their turnaround time is quick with minimal disruptions to your solar system down time.

For more information on our full product range, check out our other solar reviews.

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    Solar Run
    Average rating:  
     1 reviews
    by Tony on Solar Run
    Easy Monitoring

    I loved the app and cool things what I can do with it. Panel monitoring is really cool with SolarEdge Inverters.

    • Easy Monitoring


      I loved the app and cool things what I can do with it. Panel monitoring is really cool with SolarEdge Inverters.

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