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Sungrow Solar PV Inverter Review

Solar Run
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 by Thomas Chacko

Sungrow is a very good product and worth.

  • Sungrow proudly boasts over 87 Gigawatts of Solar Products Sold across the globe
  • Widely recognised as being among the top World Class Solar Inverter Manufacturers
  • Well designed and high performing solar inverters with efficiency rates over 99%

Sungrow Solar PV Inverter Review | Intuitive, Powerful, Reliable

About the Company

  • Founded in 2003
  • Well regarded by Forbes
  • 2GW of annual manufacturing capacity
  • Tier 1 panel manufacturer
  • Top 10 Chinese Solar Company
  • They have won more than 330 patents.
  • Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. was established in China, 1997
  • Founded by Professor Cao Renxian, Hefei University of Technology
  • Worldwide inverter market share of 15%
  • Worth more than $1.5 billion
  • Clean energy plants installed in 60 countries
  • 87 Gigawatts currently deployed by Sungrow globally
Specializes in:
  • R&D
  • Production
  • Sales
Service of new energy power supply devices for:
  • solar energy
  • wind energy
  • energy storage
  • new energy automotive drive systems
  • floating and land-based PV power plants
  • Australian Office
  • Sungrow Australia Group Pty. Ltd. North Sydney NSW Australia

What are Sungrow Solar PV Inverters?

Sungrow solar PV inverters are known around the world for their excellent efficiency, safety, reliability, simplicity of installation, and ease of use. Their range of PV inverters includes sizes from 2.5 kilowatts (kW) up to 6.8 megawatts (MW). The whole line of products boasts a power conversion efficiency of over 99%. A focus on technical innovation and cutting-edge design has enabled Sungrow to equip its inverters with the latest in solar technology features. Built-in surge arresters and residual current protection ensure the inverters maintain the highest level of safety and performance. Simple, push-in connectors and a lightweight frame allow for easy installation and maintenance. Seamless monitoring through either the website or app. This means that you can track the performance of your PV inverter from anywhere, anytime.

Sungrow’s commercial inverters are durable and high-performing over their full lifetime due to smart active cooling technology. These inverters are fitted with network and system protection, high weathering, and corrosion resistance. Commercial Sungrow inverters support the long-term value and reliability of your solar system. Loaded with applications and programs to integrate with various grid requirements. Sungrow inverters make clean power possible for all homes and businesses.

Residential Inverters

Sungrow’s residential solar PV inverter range is extensive. With 16 different options of residential inverter products, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Sungrow’s residential inverters are easy to install and highly compatible with different types of home solar systems. This means that you don’t have to worry about integrating your new Sungrow inverter with your current solar setup.

String Inverters

String inverters have become the most popular type of inverter used in commercial and residential solar systems around Australia. This type of inverter allows for very high-efficiency rates, which is why Sungrow boasts over 99% efficiency rates. In addition to this excellent efficiency, Sungrow’s string inverters are high yield, low cost, easy to use, and remotely accessible.

Central Inverters

Central Inverters serve the same purpose as string inverters, but at a much larger scale. As the heart of commercial solar systems, central inverters are massive products that are capable of powering industrial facilities, large buildings, expansive fields of solar arrays, and even floating installations. Sungrow offers central inverters ranging from 500kW all the way up to 6.8MW. To reach such a capacity, central inverters are very large and come in 10 or 20-foot containers depending on the power output.

Why should I choose a Sungrow Solar PV Inverter?

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Max efficiency

With exceptionally high rates of energy yield, Sungrow inverters can help you make the most out of your solar system and the most out of the sunshine. They can also offer a high DC/AC ratio of up to 1.5 through the three-level topology technology. These inverters are also able to maintain their rates of power output, even in extremely high temperatures. This is a result of its active cooling system.

High Yield

By employing up to 2 maximum power point trackers (MPPTs), Sungrow inverters are capable of reacting to changes in the light intensity by intuitively optimising the cell load to get the most usable power output. By adapting to the environment in real-time, Sungrow inverters maintain excellent levels of power output, boosting the potential yield and value of your entire solar system.

Grid Safety

All Sungrow inverters are fully compliant with safety standards and are designed to safely maintain a connection through surges and dips in grid voltage levels. With various protection features like a type II Surge Protection Device (SPD), Sungrow inverters meet global and local grid safety requirements.

Easy operation and maintenance

With integrated monitoring functions, owners of Sungrow inverters can stay up to date with current and voltage levels. They also have access to features like online analysis and troubleshooting. The simple interface and clever design mean that the touch screen is intuitive and accessible while the operation of the device is easy.

How do they look?

Sungrow prioritizes durability, performance and simplicity in its inverters over fancy design features. With that said, Sungrow inverters are elegant, minimalist, and extremely simple to install. Their lightweight shell frames look modern and stylish and boast a beautiful external touch screen display.

Are the panels suitable for Australian conditions?

Yes. Sungrow inverters have been rigorously tested for harsh weather conditions. With features like an active cooling system to help maintain high-efficiency levels in tough conditions, you can be confident the system will do well in the Australian climate.

Reliable Warranty

Sungrow includes a warranty of 5 years with the purchase of the product and has the option to extend this to 10 years. The company has a good history of upholding its warranties.

Sungrow Inverters: The Verdict

Sungrow is one of the world’s leading solar inverter manufacturers. This is due to their focus on innovation, performance, and usability. They boast excellent efficiency rates of over 99% and maintain their performance for many years through their durable design, active cooling system, and powerful features. Inverters are the heart of a solar system and will determine the rate of return you see for your solar investment. These inverters are powerful, smart, and reliable. Anyone prioritizing performance, accessibility, and durability will be happy with a Sungrow inverter.

To find out more about Sungrow solar inverters, fill out our online inquiry form or contact our friendly specialists on 1300076527 today.

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    Solar Run
    Average rating:  
     1 reviews
     by Thomas Chacko

    Sungrow is a very good product and worth.

    • 5

      Thomas Chacko

      Sungrow is a very good product and worth.

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