6.6kw Solar System Installation | Price Guide & Information

6.6kw Solar System Installation | Price Guide & Information

6.6kw Solar System Installation | Price Guide & Information

Anyone looking for a cost effective way to lower their electricity bill should be considering a solar energy system installation. A solar power system is a means of accessing renewable energy while also reducing your carbon footprint and your expenses.

Your system can start to make you money once it has paid off the initial cost of the installation. There are a number of ways that your home solar panels can complete this payback period. Feed in tariffs, government rebates and reductions in your electricity bill all contribute to your return on investment (ROI).

Many homes that have already installed solar panels will be using 5kw solar systems with 5kw inverters. However, as technology has improved and prices have dropped, getting a larger system size has become more accessible. 6.6kw solar systems (often referred to simply as a 6kw solar system) have become one of the most popular options for powering the home.

6.6kw of solar has become preferable due to the extra energy you can generate for your home without much extra expense. This size system will generally consist of 24 panels. Luckily you will not need to increase your inverter capacity, as 5kw inverters are compatible with the 6.6 kilowatt solar panels.

In this article we will cover everything you need to know about a 6.6 kw solar system including Price of 6.6kW Solar System. We will look at the price of 6.6kw solar system, size, value for money, solar battery storage and inverters.

Price of 6.6 kw Solar System

The falling price of solar products has meant that the technology available for Australian homes has been getting more and more powerful. While 5 kilowatt solar panels used to be the norm, homeowners have now got access to the significantly larger 6.6kw systems without having to overstretch their budget.

Not all 6.6 kilowatt solar systems are made equally. This means that reputable manufacturers will charge a premium on their products because they are made from higher quality materials that are built to last. You will find a wide array of different prices online due to the range in quality and reliability of the manufacturers and their products.

Prices will also differ slightly between states, so it’s important to get an accurate quote for your specific location. For an idea of Price of 6.6kW solar system we have provided a price guide below for systems including installation, warranty and support.

New South Wales: 6.6 kW Solar Panels

FROM $4,150

  • Single phase inverter solar system
  • 10yr Warranty Inverter
  • 10yr Workmanship Warranty

ACT: 6.6 kW Solar Panels

FROM $5,250

  • 315W Half Cell Solar Panels
  • Goodwe Inverter
  • 10yr Workmanship Warranty

South Australia: 6.6 kW Solar Panels

FROM $4,150

  • 10yr Workmanship Warranty
  • Local Installation and Support

Victoria: 6.6 kW Solar Panels

FROM $4,990

  • 10yr Workmanship Warranty
  • Local Installation and Support
  • Pre-rebate $4,650

Queensland: 6.6 kW Solar Panels

FROM $4,150

  • Single phase inverter solar system
  • 10yr Warranty Inverter
  • 10yr Workmanship Warranty

Size & Specs of a 6.6kw Solar System

The size and specifications of solar panels have been constantly changing as the technology is improved and updated. Unlike many other pieces of modern technology however, smaller is not always better. The amount of surface area on solar panels is obviously essential to the amount of energy that can be obtained.

Choosing the right solar panels for your home and energy needs is vital to maximising the efficiency of your system with the amount of roof space you have available. These systems will tend to use between 250 watt (W) and 400W modules. Broadly speaking, 6.6 kilowatt solar systems will require approximately 22 to 24 panels. The system will therefore require a decent amount of roof space.

Each solar panel is roughly 1.7m x 1m in size. This means a system consisting of 24 panels will require 41m2.

Value For Money From 6.6 Kilowatts

The 6.6 kw solar panels have become more popular due to the increased energy output and value for money compared to the 5 kw solar panels. The bigger systems are not only cheaper than they were a few years ago, they also give owners access to a larger government rebate. The larger kilowatt hour (kWh) potential of the system means a larger discount, increasing the value for money and the ROI.

The lower cost per watt of the solar system is a massive benefit of the upsized system. Federal solar rebates differ between states. You can expect a discount of somewhere between a quarter and a third of the price of your initial investment. For more information on the rebates available to you, contact our specialists today.

Solar Energy Battery Storage

The lowering cost and improving technology of solar battery storage is another key reason that 6 kw solar systems are so popular. The larger solar system produces more energy, which for smaller homes may not always be used. However, with the addition of solar battery storage, this excess electricity can be retained and used when it is needed.

Owners of solar technology love the addition of a solar battery as it gives them independence from the grid. Grid outages and low levels of sunlight are no longer an issue once you have a backup source that can power your home with the excess solar energy you have created throughout the week or month.

Tesla are leading the game with their Powerwall 2 , however there are now a number of high quality solar battery options on the market.

Keep Your 5 kw Inverter | Oversized System

Investing in a bigger solar system no longer requires you to spend more on your inverter. This is because with a 6.6 kw solar system you can still use a 5 kw inverter. The 5kw inverters are much more common, making them cheaper and more widely approved for grid connection (almost every network has them pre-approved).

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) guidelines allow for a solar power system to be oversized by 133%. This means that the 6.6kw system is perfectly legitimate and compatible with a 5kw inverter. The oversized system is popular due to the greater energy yield and value for money.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in a 6.6 kilowatt solar system for your home or business, check out our reviews of the different options and manufacturers on the market.
For a free quote on your home solar system, request a quote through our online form or contact our specialists on 1300 076 527 .

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