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Business model

Customer Service

It is of utmost importance that your customers are truly happy with the services you provide before, during and after the sale. It is crucial for Solar Run franchisees to ensure that the customers are well looked after as good customer service sets our business apart from its competitors. Stay ahead of the competition, make sure that you know what your customer’s needs and expectations are and how to fulfil them.

Competitive Pricing and Finance

The price of the product/service influences the buying decision of a customer. Solar Run comes with buying power that allows you access to high quality products with competitive pricing. Our pricing and finance packages enable all franchisees to present strong oers when you engage with your customers, satisfying both the need for quality while being aordable at the same time.

Deliver all your Promises

We should always try to exceed the expectations of our customers. If you make a promise to your customer, nothing should deter you from keeping that promise. Good business owners create a loyal following of customers who love to share their experience. This is key to getting referrals, which in turn add value to your business.

Reduced cost


Instead of a standard royalty fee of 8 - 12% of every sale, Solar Run has monthly static costs no matter how successful you are.

Massive National
Marketing campaign

The team at Solar Run use the latest technology and marketing techniques with the help of expert creative agencies to provide marketing support for all franchisees.

High-performance coaching


Solar Run Academy is tasked to fulfill this mission, by providing regular training programs as well as vendor training and site visits.

Solar Run


Start a new franchise

Starting any new business can be challenging. At Solar Run we walk with you on this journey providing practical advice. From setting up your bank accounts to completing trade references and supplier portal logins, we have a step-by-step program to set you on the path to success. We like start working with you before your training, so that you can hit the ground running and making sales. During your first few months, our Franchise Support Managers will assist you with system design, costing as well as attending client proposal presentations to help guide you through the process.


Convert your Business

Are you tired of wasting time and energy creating ads and marketing for your company. Wouldn’t is be better if you could just concentrate on selling solar PV Systems and making more money? At Solar Run we continually invest in our CRM and marketing platforms. This investment has seen our business grow over the past few years and has continued even during these Covid lockdowns whilst other companies have struggled. Being part of a larger organisation has helped our franchisees with greater product supply capacity, as well as better pricing as we source directly from the manufacturer. Being the 4th largest Solar Retailer in the 0-15kw market has its advantages.

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