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Top 3 Tips before buying Solar Panels in Melbourne

Top 3 Tips before buying Solar Panels in Melbourne

Our CEO Anthony Kurta discusses installing Solar Panels

Anthony from Solar Run has been installing solar for the last 8 years. He has worked in every area of the industry from sales to product to installation. He has seen what works with solar and what doesn’t work.
These are the 3 things you need to look out for BEFORE you go ahead and install solar.

Top 3 tips for Solar Panels

  1. Check and make sure the Company is CEC Approved Retailer. Check the company with many customers asking for solar panel systems these days, some newer companies might offer you prices that sound too good to be true. Or they might lack the expertise to install your system correctly.
    Ask these questions when looking at the company you’re getting your solar from: Is this company going to be around in 5, 10, 15, 20 years? Will they be there for product and workmanship warranties? Does the company even have an office? Can you physically walk in there?
  2. Get more than 1 quote always, and always get more than I quote. Compare the following: Solar panels being offered. Solar inverters used. The installation process (how fast and how soon). Documentation and manual. How to claim warranties and rebates. Customer support.
  3. Don’t just compare prices, check the products ask yourself if you are getting the best deals, hem are a few questions to guide you: Are the solar panels Tier 1 Panels? What is the type of the solar panel? Are they using the latest technology? Is it mono or poly? Does the inverter company have an Australian office? Does the inverter provide a 10-year warranty?

What is the best Solar Panel for your home?

Your Solar Panel considerations are 2 main considerations. Poly vs Mono Perc vs Bi-Facial. Half Cell vs Full Cell.

Good questions to ask your Solar Retailer

  1. What is the difference between Poly vs Mono Perc vs Bi Facial Solar Panels
  2. Do I need Full Cell or Half Cell Solar Panels
  3. What is the best Chinese Inverter option vs European Inverters

Our Solar Run Franchisees are business Owners

Solar Run is different. It is Australia’s largest Solar Franchise network in Australia. When you book in your appointment to discuss your Solar Panel Installation you are often meeting with the business owner of the Franchise. There not just a sales person. We care about quality. Don’t believe us? Well when you first make an inquiry with Solar Run about Solar Panels you will see you get 6 emails informing you about Solar Panel and Inverter options. 2 weeks after your initial inquiry will ask you to provide a Survey about

Still have some questions? Give our friendly experts a buzz about your solar questions.

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Author: Anthony Kurta

Managing Director at Solar Run

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