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What’s the best solar feed-in tariff in Victoria?

What’s the best solar feed-in tariff in Victoria?

The best solar feed-in tariff in Victoria at the time of writing (May 2022) is 20 cents per kilowatt hour – and it’s from Origin.

It’s a great headline rate, however there are a few catches. To get this rate you must purchase a new solar panel system from Origin and the system must be less than 10kW in size (or in my case for where I live, it must be under 7kW).

What’s more, this rate is only available to eligible Victorians living in Melbourne or 150km from Melbourne and it’s only available for 24 months.  Plus, getting your hands on the full offer details (i.e., the energy fact sheet) takes more persistence than I have.  It is not easy to find on the Origin website which makes me wonder why!  (That’s why I can’t comment on the daily supply charge for this deal, or the energy usage rate).

Want a good solar feed-in tariff – without any catches?

So, if you’re like me, you want a solar feed-in tariff with no-strings attached.  One that offers a great feed-in tariff rate and helps you get the lowest possible electricity bills.

It’s bit of a minefield out there with electricity retailers.  Finding the best electricity deal for your home if you’ve got solar should be easy. But some retailers entice you with a high feed-in tariff and charge you through the nose for energy usage and the daily supply charge.

No-one wants that.  It’s a short-term strategy for electricity retailers as they’re hoping that most customers won’t read the fine print.

Don’t fall into that trap!

This blog looks at the best solar feed-in tariffs in Victoria – and whether they are worth signing up to.

  • Best solar feed-in tariffs Victoria
  • Is it worth signing up for the best feed-in tariffs?
  • How to beat the looming feed-in tariff cut with Solar Run

Best solar feed-in tariffs Victoria

The best solar feed-in tariffs in Victoria, as of May 2022, that don’t require you to buy a solar panel system include:

  • SolarRun Rewards Energy Plan – 11.7 cents/kWh
  • 1st Energy – 11.7 cents/kWh
  • Elysian Energy – 10 cents/kWh
  • Momentum Energy – 10 cents/kWh
Solar feed-in tariff
SolarRun Rewards Energy Plan11.70 c/kWh
1st Energy11.70 c/kWh
Elysian Energy10.00 c/kWh
Momentum Energy Solar Step Up


Is it worth signing up for the best feed-in tariffs?

We all want a fair deal for the valuable solar electricity we produce.  After all, we get charged a lot to buy electricity.  Why shouldn’t we get paid a similar amount when we sell it back to the grid?

At SolarRun, we agree. That’s why we welcome initiatives like Virtual Power Plants that are springing up across Australia which offer a much better rate for surplus electricity you send to the grid.  Thing is, you need a battery to participate.  (The good news is there are boosted battery rebates that reduce the upfront cost for Victorian homeowners).

Regardless of whether you have a battery and join a Virtual Power Plant, the main point about solar feed-in tariffs is that they are only one component of your electricity pricing plan.

Going for a great rate for your solar feed-in might be a good strategy if you are exporting a lot of solar electricity during the daytime.  However, if this is your situation, you may be better off investing in solar battery storage or an energy efficient electric hot water heat pump which is powered by your solar system.

If you store your solar energy in a battery or as hot water, you get the benefits later in the day when you get home.  That way, when you run a hot shower or start cooking the evening meal, you’re using your own free solar electricity.  That’s a whole lot better than paying 20-28 cents per kilowatt hour to buy it from the grid!

Beat the looming feed-in tariff cut with Solar Run

The Victorian mandated minimum solar feed-in tariff (flat rate) will drop from 6.7 cents/kWh to 5.2 cents/kWh from the 1st of July 2022.

At SolarRun, we reckon that’s a bit on the low side.  That’s why through the SolarRun Rewards Energy Plan we’re offering (as of May 2022) a rate of 11.7 cents/kWh.  We will continue to keep our feed-in tariff at double the rate of the mandated government solar feed-in when it drops to 5.2 cents/kWh from 1 July (our rate will go down slightly to 10.4c/kWh).

Want a fair deal for your surplus solar electricity?  Get in touch

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