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Why use Solar Run for your solar installation

Why use Solar Run for your solar installation

Choosing the right solar company for your solar panels or battery installation is the most important decision you’ll make when you’re buying solar.  But how do you pick the right one from the thousands of solar companies in the market?

In this post, we’ll explain the reasons why SolarRun is the best solar company for your solar installation.  We’ve whittled it down to the ten top reasons, which are:

  1. Fully accredited
  2. You deal with local business owners
  3. Backed by the 4th largest Solar Retailer in Australia
  4. You get a fully customized solution
  5. Excellent prices
  6. Leading brands
  7. Quality installation
  8. Industry-leading warranties
  9. Strong track record
  10. Great after-sales service


  1. Fully accredited

SolarRun is fully accredited by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) as a Solar Retailer.

Within the business we have teams of installers who are accredited by the Clean Energy Council for solar PV installations, battery installations and off-grid systems installations.

SolarRun isn’t only staffed with experts; we’re run by experts too!  Our Managing Director, Anthony Kurta, is also fully accredited by the Clean Energy Council as a solar PV installer, battery installer and off-grid installer.

What are the benefits of these accreditations to you?

CEC Accredited Solar Retailer: This means SolarRun has signed up to the CEC Solar Retailer Code of Conduct demonstrating our commitment to responsible sales and marketing activities and industry best practices. Whilst this is a voluntary level of accreditation, some government solar rebate programs stipulate that you must purchase from a CEC Accredited Solar Retailer.

CEC Accredited Solar Installer: To install a solar panels system on your roof, the solar company you choose must have the CEC Solar Installer Accreditation.  Without that, your system will not be compliant, it may not be safe – and it certainly won’t qualify for any government rebates.

CEC Accredited Battery Installer: This accreditation is proof that the installer has the skills and expertise to design and install grid-connect battery storage systems.  If you intend to apply for a government battery rebate, you must purchase from a solar company that’s a CEC Accredited Battery Installer.

To sum up, when you’re investing in solar, you want to be sure that:

  • you’re getting the best advice
  • you aren’t pushed into buying something that’s not right
  • your system will be eligible for all available government rebates
  • the system will be installed correctly, meet all relevant standards, and be supported for the full duration of the warranty period. Also, that it will work properly with a battery if you decide to install one now, or down the track.

The only way to be 100% confident that you’re ticking all these boxes is to choose SolarRun, a CEC Accredited Solar Retailer that uses CEC Accredited Solar Installers and CEC Accredited Battery Installers. That way, you know you’ve got the experts on the job!


  1. You deal with local business owners

There’s nothing like dealing with a local business when you’re installing solar.  With SolarRun, you’ll deal with local business owners who are part of the SolarRun franchise, working to the high standards we require from all franchisees.  If you have a support issue or need to make a claim, they will be your first port of call.

  1. Backed by 4th largest Solar Retailer in Australia

SolarRun is ranked as Australia’s 4th largest Solar Retailer by industry experts, SunWiz.  In Victoria, SolarRun is as the #1 Solar Retailer. In NSW we are the 6th largest Solar Retailer.

Whichever way you look at it, SolarRun is a major player in the Australian solar industry.

And size matters when it comes to solar.  That’s because with size, comes the ability to deal directly with the major solar manufacturers.

For you, the benefits are:

  • fast responsive on warranty claims
  • better product supply
  • better prices


  1. Customised solution

Every solar and battery system we sell at SolarRun is completely customized for each customer.  A SolarRun consultant will visit your home, discuss your requirements, review your electricity bill, and assess the suitability of your roof for solar.  They will then send you a fixed quote that shows:

  • An image of your roof and exactly where the panels will be positioned
  • System size and full details of all system components
  • The system price, itemizing all rebates applicable
  • Warranties for each component and their duration
  • Estimated performance showing estimated daily output in kilowatt hours and solar savings
  • Datasheets for key components, i.e. panels, inverter, etc

At SolarRun, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to solar.  Every property is unique, and every customer uses electricity differently.

That’s why we go the extra mile to provide expert advice and a detailed proposal so you have the information you need to make the right decision.


  1. Excellent prices

With scale comes buying power.  At SolarRun, we have plenty of both – and we use it to get the best possible prices for our customers.  Compare the prices of our systems with those of our competitors and we’re confident you’ll agree!


  1. Leading brands

At SolarRun, we only sell leading brands.  No matter where you are in Australia, when you buy from SolarRun you’ll be getting the best solar panels, solar inverters and batteries on the market.

All the products we install meet relevant Australian standards, are on the Clean Energy Council accredited product lists and qualify for all applicable government rebates.

When it comes to solar panels, we only sell those manufactured by Tier 1 solar panels manufacturers with an Australian customer support office.  Our panel brands include the world’s most efficient solar panel as well as those with the best warranties you can find.

We’re rigorous in our choice of solar inverters, using our technical expertise to select the best inverters for our customers.  No matter how stringent your requirements – or how tricky your roof – we’ll have an inverter that’s right for you.

We’re also ahead of the game when it comes to batteries.  Solar battery storage technology is moving ahead in leaps and bounds. New batteries are being released in Australia that challenge some of the major battery brands.  It’s exciting times!

We thoroughly check any new battery for its suitability for our customers and ability to withstand the harsh demands of the Australian climate.  If it meets the grade – and offers greater value than existing batteries – we make it a priority to get it into our warehouses and tell you about it!

  1. Quality installation

No matter which SolarRun franchise installs your system, we have the same quality checks for all systems we install.  This is regardless of where you live in Australia or what type of solar or battery system you have installed.

Our two installation quality checks are:

Before installation: the design of all solar panels and battery systems are quality checked by an accredited solar engineer who will review panel layout, position of inverter, cabling, distance to the switchboard and compliance of switchboard in terms of electricity safety standards.

Post installation: Once your system is installed, one of our accredited solar engineers will review your installation checking it is compliant and has been installed to the highest safety standards.  This quality check exceeds the requirements set out by the Clean Energy Council and demonstrates our commitment to the highest standards of workmanship.

  1. Industry-leading warranties

One of the most important warranties to watch out for when buying solar is whether the solar company provides a full system warranty.  This is over and above industry standards and not often provided by solar companies.

With SolarRun, we provide a 5-year full system warranty on every solar and battery system we sell.  This is a no-quibbles warranty that guarantees that if anything goes wrong, we will fix it at our cost.

In addition, there are several other warranties provide with solar systems we install:

  • Solar panels product warranty: The industry standard is 10 years. Any panel we install has a product warranty of 12-25 years.
  • Solar inverter warranty: The industry standard is 5 years. Any inverter we install will have a solar inverter product warranty of at least 10 years.
  • Solar panels performance warranty: The industry standards is 25-years with 80% solar generation at the end of the period compared to day 1 performance. The panels we install all have much higher generation after 25-years than the industry standard, with the top panel – SunPower – having an astounding 92% performance after 25 years!
  • Battery warranty: We only install batteries that have a minimum 10-year product warranty; this is the industry standard.


  1. Strong track record

Established in 2016, SolarRun is one of Australia’s largest Solar Retailers and Installers.

Our franchise model has proven hugely successful at driving down costs for our customers whilst raising the industry bar for quality.

Every year we install thousands of solar panels and battery storage systems for homes and businesses in every state of Australia, except for the Northern Territory.

In 2021, we were the 4th largest Solar Retailer in Australia by volume according to industry expert SunWiz.  The ranking is based on number of STCs (Small-scale Technology Certificates) submitted to the Clean Energy Regulator. It is the most reliable source of information on the size of Australian solar companies by volume of installations.


  1. Great after-sales service

Great post-installation service at SolarRun starts with a comprehensive handover pack on day of installation providing you with details on:

  • All warranties for your system
  • Contact details for any warranty claim
  • WiFi system monitoring (this will be set up for you on day of installation)
  • Recommended maintenance and system checks

If you have any problems with your system whatsoever in the first five years, just call your local SolarRun branch and they’ll fix it at no cost to you.

After the first five years, if you have an issue with the system once again contact your local SolarRun branch and they’ll check it out and, where required, contact the product manufacturer on your behalf to instigate the warranty claim.  Due to our direct relationships with all the major solar panel and solar inverter manufacturers whose products we supply, we can get the product fixed or replaced much quicker than most other solar companies.  For you, this means less downtime for your solar system and a lot less hassle!

What our customers say….

At the end of the day, what counts the most is what our customers have to say about us.  Feel free to check out our online customer reviews or ask your local SolarRun franchise for customers you can speak to directly.  In the meantime, here’s a small sample of quotes from SolarRun customers:

“Thanks to the awesome team at SolarRun! The process was super easy, from the initial quote to the final installation. They answered all our questions & were not only super knowledgeable, but incredibly friendly & kind, too. Thanks team! Highly recommend!” – Georgia, Vic

“These guys know what they are doing. Matt’s team treated our home with care and left our place in perfect order. Post install service has been wonderful and a couple of issues have been resolved very quickly. Great team!” – Beth, NSW

“Very easy to organise and the installer did really tidy work. The system is fantastic and has cut our bill to a third of what it was.” – James, Vic

Keen to find out more? 

Contact us if you’d like expert advice on solar panels and/or a solar battery as well as an obligation-free quote.  Solar Run is bringing homeowners a simple, affordable way to power their homes with the sun, and to get control back of their energy.  Let us help you take the step towards greater energy independence, lower electricity bills and a more environmentally friendly home.

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