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  • solar run ALTONA MEADOWS

    Rupesh is passionate about increasing households and Businesses quality of life through more efficient and sustainable use of energy, particularly through driving uptake of renewable energy solutions and providing tailored solutions for customer needs.

    ABN: 89 630 953 785 | Main Business Location: VIC 3030

  • solar run BROOKFIELD

    With many years of customer service experience and a genuine passion for renewable energy, Gazi is committed to help customers to find the right solar system and at the same time help them to take control of their energy bill.

    ABN: 66 163 568 670 | Main Business Location: VIC 3030

  • solar run CAROLINE SPRINGS

    Goldie passionately believes in great bargains and excellent service, which is why he commits himself to give you the best of both. Goldie keeps his customers his top priority and through our products, he works hard towards building long-lasting and meaningful relations with them.

    ABN: 97 297 087 578 | Main Business Location: VIC 3023

  • solar run CARRUM DOWNS

    With a background in project engineering and management across diverse industries, Abdul believes that solar energy is a viable long term solution to providing clean energy that also delivers great value to consumers whilst allowing the individual to contribute to global efforts to address climate change.

    ABN: 34 636 598 402 | Main Business Location: VIC 3978

  • solar run CHELSEA

    Mark brings a wealth of experience in Customer Service, Technical Solutions and Project Management.  He gains great satisfaction from reducing his Customers power bills and reliance on power companies, while ensuring a smooth process and great service from start to finish.

    ABN: 62 972 6674 | Main Business Location: VIC 3196

  • solar run EPPING

    Sahil has a great passion for the renewable energy and believes firmly in empowering community to save on environment and rising bills. Been in retail industry for long, he is dedicated to provide cost efficient and quality service with his extensive knowledge and personal solar experience

    ABN: 53 492 171 928 | Main Business Location: VIC 3024

  • solar run Frankston

    Pawan has an overall of 17 years experience by enduring himself in retail industry mainly focusing on customer relations by understanding their needs and providing custom solution. Rohit has 6 years of experience in Energy Industry  and he is a firm believer of keeping  his customer’s priorities at the very top of his agenda.

    ABN: 26 642 937 415 | Main Business Location: VIC 3201

  • solar run GREENVALE

    Ruchir is a knowledgeable Solar Professional with over eight years of Business Development experience in Solar & Electrical Industry. Distributed renewable energy generation is the future & he is committed to providing the best solar buying experience which each customer deserve.

    ABN: 55 636 392 740 | Main Business Location: VIC 3064

  • solar run Hamilton

    David is local to Southwest Victoria & has the experience & knowledge to give you honest, accurate advice on anything solar. He can recommend a solar system designed specifically for you, that will deliver significant long term savings at a price you can afford.

    ABN: 81 636 143 792 | Main Business Location: VIC 3300

  • solar run INVERMAY

    As a Ballarat local, Stephen is passionate about helping his customers future proof their energy needs by providing them with a solar solution that reduces their reliance on traditional energy providers. After a free onsite consultation your Solar Run system will be based on your needs and budget. Every situation is unique, so the solution should be custom designed to reflect this uniqueness.

    ABN: 22 647 513 460 | Main Business Location: VIC 3352

  • solar run KEYSBOROUGH

    Dilan has been in the renewable industry for the last 4 years. Through that time he has learned a lot about the industry and how solar works. The biggest benefit of installing solar is the money you can save. It also has a positive environmental impact.

    ABN: 11 615 603 444 | Main Business Location: VIC 3149

  • solar run KILMORE

    Jenny and Tim are passionate about providing their customers with cost effective energy solutions that are designed to reduce their electricity bills and tailored to meet their individual needs. With their combined experience ensuring a strong focus on customer service, they aim to provide a seamless, high-quality end to end service at an affordable price.

    ABN: 32 644 647 352 | Main Business Location: VIC 3659

  • solar run KURUNJANG

    Amit & Praggya are passionate about helping people by providing products that suit their needs. Being in the industry of trades and business development for more than 7 years doing installation and providing various consultation services to customers they want to deliver a great service and customer satisfaction by helping them reduce their energy bills by going Solar and giving back to the environment that we live in.

    ABN: 98 600 933 962 | Main Business Location: VIC 3029

  • solar run LARA

    Sam has been working in the energy industry for over 6years and he strongly believes that there has never been a product like Solar which not only benefits every household and business but also protects our environment for the future generation.

    ABN:74 140 073 365 | Main Business Location: VIC 3212

  • solar run LYNDHURST

    Renewable energy particularly solar energy is one of the fast-growing industries which has the capacity to bring abundant clean, sustainable energy to millions around the globe. Lyndhurst is a beautiful and eco friendly place for greenery, many parks and wetlands. It is my privilege to promote the power of the sun to make this community and its neighborhood areas more sustainable and enable to build a better future.

    ABN: 63 639 189 781 | Main Business Location: VIC 3975

  • solar run LYSTERFIELD

    Syed has over 8 years’ experience with Australia’s leading energy provider before transitioning into the renewable energy industry that he is so passionate about. He is highly skilled in complex billing for both consumer and multi-site commercial customers. His vision is to help households achieve more energy independence whilst saving on costs and understand their billing.

    ABN: 639 995 690 | Main Business Location: VIC 3156

  • solar run Narre Warren

    Shah has been in customer service for many years. He realised the opportunity for making a difference in reducing home owners electricity bills. With an extensive knowledge in solar, Shah can assist you choose the right system for your home and family.

    ABN: 50 637 818 323 | Main Business Location: VIC 3804

  • solar run OAKLEIGH

    Solar is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make an impact on both the environment and on your electricity bill. Having worked in the industry for a number of years, Jacob has gained a wealth of knowledge on the best ways to save you money and look after the environment.

    ABN: 78 636 392 017 | Main Business Location: VIC 3166

  • solar run OFFICER

    We are a team of ambitious and driven individuals who love meeting new people and are committed to provide exceptional customer service. We have this amazing ability to communicate with people, find common ground and make them feel at ease. We are focused to provide great solar energy products to families enabling them reduce costs while preserving the planet.

    ABN: 646 092 659 | Main Business Location: VIC 3978

  • solar run RICHMOND

    Damien’s extensive experience with renewable energy has taught him to really care about what impact a single household can have on our environment. He takes the time to sit down with you to really understand the priorities and needs of your family.

    ABN: 52 635 671 448 | Main Business Location: VIC 3121

  • solar run SUNSHINE

    With over 12 years of experience in running a business, Venkat is an expert in customer relations, and is able to effectively communicate with and understand client needs. Venkat is a strong believer in green-energy, and considers it his social and moral responsibility towards the environment and community to do his best to protect it via the advocation of cost-efficient solar power for everyone.

    ABN: 52 642 459 685 | Main Business Location: VIC 3020

  • solar run TALBOT

    Pablo has over 20 years experience in mechanical trades and engineering.  With a passion for renewable energy and technologies that future proof, Pablo’s mission is to provide cost effective solar, and energy solutions.

    ABN:  | 56 269 378 655 Main Business Location: VIC 3371

  • solar run TAYLORS HILL

    An loves that Taylors Hill is a very family-friendly area, which is very culturally diverse. An got into solar to provide families with a cost-efficient way to save on their energy. He plans to provide you with the best solar system available customised to your home.

    ABN: 19 629 995 2958 | Main Business Location: VIC 3037

  • solar run TAYLORS LAKES

    Shiran has had a keen interest in the renewable sector for quite a while now. After taking the step to have Solar installed on his own roof, his household experienced amazing results. He knew then that he needed to help other families be free of the Power companies and be more energy independent.

    ABN: 84 634 959 229 | Main Business Location: VIC 3037

  • solar run WILLIAMS LANDING

    Asitha has been in the Sales and Marketing industry for the last 2 years promoting the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program and is passionate about offering customers quality products and great service. Throughout the last 2 years he has seen the Solar Industry taking off and the benefits of installing Solar.

    ABN: 59 626 234 526 | Main Business Location: VIC 3004

  • solar run WOLLERT

    Ash has years of experience working in renewable energy industry and he is very passionate about the environment. He firmly believes that each panel installed is a step closer to a sustainable and greener world, each customer supported in the decision of installing solar is a further step to build a more responsible community!

    ABN: 94 629 726 674 | Main Business Location: VIC 3750

  • solar run WYNDHAM VALE

    Con loves the Wyndham Vale area and surrounding suburbs because of it’s multiculturalism, as well as the family environment which it portrays. He enjoys working in the solar industry immensely, in particular, because of the environmental impact, but also in the way it can reduce your energy bill to the point it is non-existent.

    ABN: 52 776 552 551 | Main Business Location: VIC 3029

  • solar run Earlwood

    With a background in business and project management, David has been involved in large government infrastructure projects for over 15 years and is experienced in delivering quality service to customers. David and his team are passionate about clean energy and are ready to help you reduce your energy bills through quality solar installations for your home or business.

    ABN: 50 645 036 648 | Main Business Location: NSW 2206

  • solar run Gledswood Hills

    Indra, Sandy & Ani collectively bring tons of experience in sales, customer relationship & timely deliverables. They believe in setting up their customer’s expectations right from the beginning & ensure their customers get utmost priority & service when it comes to their solar needs. Our SolarRun Gledswood Hills specialise in tailored solar solutions to suit each individual house.

    ABN: 43 644 425 445 | Main Business Location: NSW 2762

  • solar run HOLSWORTHY

    Refat believes in exceptional customer service, being from the retail industry. He is dedicated to providing service with a difference, which gives quality value to you. He is looking to give you a cost-effective and clean energy solution to your high energy bills.

    ABN: 77 636 547 165 | Main Business Location: NSW 2170

  • solar run Kellyville

    Harish has been in customer service for many years.Harish got into solar to provide families with a cost-efficient way to save on their energy. He plans to provide you with the best solar system available customised to your home.

  • solar run MID NORTH COAST

    Joff & Rod have a combined experience within the renewable sector of 25yrs. The SolarRun business philosophy is based on educating our customers on the importance of design, quality and affordable products. The attention to detail combined with our ongoing after sales support, leads to referrals from many happy customers.

  • solar run Northern Beaches

    Dirk believes in supplying customers with quality products accompanied with great service and advice.  As every home is different he believes in tailoring a solar package to suit each individual customer.

    ABN: 68 615 519 956 | Main Business Location: NSW 2093

  • solar run RYDALMERE

    David comes from a technical background & strives to ensure you get the solar system that best meets your needs. His aim is to give you the best system to match your budget & ensure you are getting the maximum savings on your electricity bill.

    ABN: 81 636 143 792 | Main Business Location: NSW 2116

  • solar run RYDE

    David has been in business for many years and believes in customer service from start to finish. He specialises in tailored solar needs for every house. He enjoys meeting new people and showing you how solar can be beneficial for you and your family. David has attention to detail and believes in doing the job seamlessly as this leads to great word of mouth business.

    ABN:36 642 354 238 | Main Business Location: NSW 2114

  • solar run THORNLEIGH

    Bash is passionate about providing clients with an exceptional level of service. Along with his passion about the environment, he finds joy in helping homeowners understand the benefits of renewable energy. He believes that every home is different and provides a tailored solution to suit each individual client.

    ABN: 74 643 696 217  | Main Business Location: NSW 2765

  • solar run TUMBI UMBI

    Wendy and Peter are the Local Solar experts, looking forward to help you enjoy the sunny benefits of the Central Coast. We will work together to give you the best quality system to utilise the clean energy of the sun to start saving on your energy bills.

    ABN: 31 636 674 523 | Main Business Location: NSW 2261

  • solar run Warners Bay

    Graham, Tristan and Matt are located in the Newcastle area and have a great passion for the renewables sector. The greatest enjoyment they get is when customers call them and express their happiness at the quality of the installation process along with how much money they saved from their electricity bills.

    ABN: 24 639 061 993 | Main Business Location: NSW 2267

  • solar run Windsor

    Louis have been working on solar solution in Rural areas for several years now. He believes in supporting the local community and strives to give customers a wonderful solar experience with educating and providing them with a tailored solution for their home.

    ABN: 13 643 781 382 | Main Business Location: NSW 2756

  • solar run Bellbird Park

    Judith and Chad make a great duo – Judith is passionate about the environment and sustainable energy and Chad believes in empowering people to take control of their electricity bills and no longer be a victim to the power companies. Together they will tailor a solution for you.

    ABN: 42 638 459 882 | Main Business Location: QLD 4300

  • solar run BROADBEACH

    Brad is passionate about providing homeowners a simple, affordable way to power their homes with the sun, and to get control back of their energy. Brad says “With an average of 300 days of sunshine per year the Gold Coast is perfect for Solar.”He is proud to be the Solar Run partner for Gold Coast Broadbeach.

    ABN: 18 024 959 099 | Main Business Location: QLD 4218

  • solar run SOUTHPORT

    Phil thinks anyone with a home should have affordable solar. The return on investment makes putting a solar system on your roof a simple decision. Solar can be confusing , but Phil makes it easy to understand and always puts the customers’ needs first.

    ABN:75 644 565 346| Main Business Location: QLD 4217

  • solar run SURFERS PARADISE

    Allan is a passionate advocate for renewable energy solutions. He has been involved in the industry for over a decade and prides himself on integrity, professionalism and under promising but over delivering. If you are wanting the best advice and a straightforward approach– look no further.

    ABN: 87 631 438 081 | Main Business Location: QLD 4217

  • solar run MANLY
    Steve is excited to be part of Solar Run to save everyone money on their energy needs. He loves the Queensland lifestyle and the Manly area around Morton Bay with all that sunshine we can capture into solar energy. Coming from a construction background, I would enjoy putting a tailored package together for you to achieve the best possible outcome.
    ABN: 85 356 019 410 | Main Business Location: QLD 4179
  • solar run Maroochydore

    Bash is passionate about providing clients with an exceptional level of service. Along with his passion about the environment, he finds joy in helping homeowners understand the benefits of renewable energy. He believes that every home is different and provides a tailored solution to suit each individual client.

    ABN: 74 643 696 217 | Main Business Location: QLD 4553

  • solar run South Brisbane

    A trio comprised of an experienced engineer, businessman, and a project manager – excited to get Queenslanders move towards self-sustaining and environment friendly solar solutions. Enthusiastic about providing cutting edge technology and believing in tailored solution for individual customer that suit their current and future needs.

    ABN: 646 092 659 | Main Business Location: QLD 4101

  • solar run VICTORIA POINT

    Iain wants to make a difference to help homeowners  save money on their electricity bills. This will help give the customer greater control over their finances for the long term against rising energy cost.

    ABN: 38 639 665 517 | Main Business Location: QLD 4165

  • solar run WATERFORD

    Peter and his team are passionate about staying at the forefront of sustainable technology and getting the most out of Queenslands best asset, the Sun. He also believes in providing the best quality products, quality design, quality installers, the nationwide strength of SolarRun Australia and the personal touch from a locally run family business to create real savings on your families energy bill for years to come.

    ABN: 98 643 367 006 | Main Business Location: QLD 4207

  • solar run CANBERRA

    Warren main love for Canberra the bush Capital, is that it is very environmentally friendly, focusing on achieving 100% renewable energy target. Warren entered the solar industry to assist families with a cost-efficient way to save on their energy and the environment.

    ABN: 77 858 411 620 | Main Business Location: NSW 2620

  • solar run PARADISE

    Our consistent, high level service is based on our belief  and committment to understanding our customers’ needs and wants, and to the continual improvement of our people by training and keeping up with the latest technological developments.

    ABN: 45 615 216 843 | Main Business Location: SA 5075

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