Solar Panels Newcastle | Solar panel Newcastle buyers guide

Newcastle Solar Panel Installation Guide

Solar Panels Newcastle | Solar panel Newcastle buyers guide


Newcastle and the Hunter Valley are some of the best locations on the planet in terms of solar energy potential; so if you haven’t yet installed solar panels on your home, then this guide has everything you need to get for solar panels Newcastle.If you’re still googling ‘solar panels price’ and ‘solar installer’, then stop right there. We have compiled all the information you need to transition to clean energy. From system installers and battery storage, to federal government rebates and your expected payback period for your panels.

This comprehensive buyer’s guide to harnessing natural resources for your home will cover the following:
  • What are the solar panel options in Newcastle?
  • What is the price of solar panels in Newcastle?
  • Don’t miss the Rebates! Government subsidies scaling down from 01/01/2020
  • What is the return on investment for solar panels in Newcastle?
  • How much solar power can Newcastle solar panels produce?
  • Should Newcastle home-owners consider solar battery storage?
  • How to pick the perfect solar system for your needs?
  • Top 3 reasons Newcastle residents should install solar panels before summer
  • CEC Accreditation
  • Next Steps

The Clean Energy Council also has a detailed guide to buying solar panels.

What are the solar panel options in Newcastle?

There is an abundance of choice for those looking for Solar Panels in Newcastle. Our Newcastle team are stocked with the 3 main technologies on the market:

  • Poly panels: Cheaper, but with lower performance and power
  • Mono Perc panels: Most popular, great performance for local Newcastle conditions
  • Bi-facial solar panels: Most expensive, highest performance, rare in Australia

Poly vs Mono solar panels

The options get even more expansive once we look at the different manufacturers available to choose from. The panels we recommend more than any other are the Q Cells Solar Panels due to their outstanding performance, efficiency and reliability.

However, solar panels are not a ‘one size fits all’ product. Luckily, our Newcastle team have over 10 different manufacturers to choose from. So you can make sure that you have the right panels for your home and your budget. Our other popular brands include:

  • LG
  • REC
  • Longi
  • Risen
  • Eging
  • ET
  • JA Solar

What is the price of solar panels in Newcastle?

The cost of a solar panel system in Newcastle will vary greatly depending on the type of panel and the manufacturer that you choose. We have chosen the two best value deals to look at to give you an idea of the price of a solar panel system in Newcastle. For details on the full range of solar options, contact us for a free quote.

6.6kW Solar Panels

The 6.6kW Solar Panels are ideal for small to medium sized homes. It has an energy output potential of 28kWh (kilowatt-hour) per day. The price of the 6.6kW Solar Panels starts from $3,700.

10kW Solar Panels

The 10kW Solar Panels are the best value system for Newcastle residents with large homes. These panels boast a 42kWh output per day and come with a 10-year warranty. Prices for the 10kW panels start at $4,990.

Solar Panels - Roof

Don’t miss the Rebates! Government subsidies scaling down from 01/01/2020

Rebates are still a great option for Newcastle residents looking to get a discount on their new home solar system. These subsidies from the Federal Government allow those who are buying solar panels to cut the costs of their system and installing servicing.

However, these subsidies will begin to scale down from the 1st of January 2020. For those who want to make the most of their solar energy investment, purchasing your solar system before the new year is the best and most cost effective way.

For more information on the rebates available to you, speak with one of our customer service team on 1300 076 527 for a free quote.

What is the return on investment for solar panels in Newcastle?

The return on investment for a home solar system is massive. Solar panels provide Newcastle home-owners with the opportunity to drastically reduce their power bill. This reduction comes in the form of a reduced reliance on the grid as well as the potential for feed in tariffs to further discount your electricity expenditure.

Before this return on investment can be calculated, you must first complete the payback period on your system. This is the period of time it takes for your energy savings to cover the cost of your system.

On average around Australia, this payback period lasts between 2-7 years. Newcastle residents should expect to be on the low end of this scale thanks to the reliable levels of sunshine throughout the year. Once the panels have paid for themselves, all energy reductions and feed in tariffs are net profit for you.

How much solar power can Newcastle solar panels produce?

Newcastle’s strong yearly sunshine means that residents should expect to reap massive rewards from their home solar system. Reports from the Clean Energy Council (CEC) indicate that on average solar panels in New South Wales can produce around 3.9kWh of energy for every kW of solar installed in your home.

This means that a 6.6kW solar panel on your home in Newcastle will output around 26kWh per day. A 10kW panel will output approximately 39kWh per day on average. These figures from the CEC are an average approximation. On days with stronger sunshine you can expect your system to output its full potential of energy.

Should Newcastle home-owners consider solar battery storage?

Solar battery storage is a great option for anyone serious about maximising their return on investment for their solar panels and minimising their reliance on the grid. Solar batteries allow you to store the excess energy produced by your panels while you’re not at home to use it.

So rather than letting all of that energy get fed into the grid, batteries allow you to access it at your convenience. This grants you the ability to power your home, even when the sun isn’t shining or the grid is down.

Newcastle residents and home-owners should seriously consider solar battery storage because of the strong, consistent sunshine in the region. Upgrading your solar system to include a battery storage option will allow you to make the most of the good weather, minimise your electricity bill and access your stored solar electricity when it suits you.

How to pick the perfect solar system for your needs?

Solar panels come in different sizes, with different levels of power and different key features. There are a lot of things to think about and compare between the multitude of panels on the market. However, at Solar Run we have a simple philosophy: the right solar is the solar that fits your home.

So with that in mind, there are three key elements to consider when figuring out which are the right solar panels for you

  • Roof size

The type of panels to best suit your needs is highly dependent on the amount of roof space that you have available. For Newcastle residents with a small roof, or limited available roof space, Mono panels are the best option as they produce more power for the same size panel compared to the Poly panels.

For those with plenty of roof space, the Poly panels are a cost effective way to access solar energy. While you will need more panels to get the equivalent output of the Mono panels, they are a financially savvy alternative.


  • Energy consumption

The amount of energy your home uses will determine the amount of output you will require from your solar panels. The best way to get an accurate measurement for your home energy requirements is to review your electricity usage over the last number of years. Rather than leaving it to estimates or presumptions about your needs, it’s best to use the hard data to dictate which type of panels you will require.

For homes with relatively low energy requirements, Poly panels will be the best and cheapest option. For homes with large energy needs, or limited roof space, Mono or Bi-Facial panels are the best option for meeting your electricity requirements.

  • Shade

Roofs that are obstructed by shade can cause problems for some solar panels, however there are solutions available. When a standard panel is partially shaded, the whole device can be impacted, or even stop working altogether.

Newcastle residents with concerns of shading should consider half cell panels. These have the advantage of having independent cells that won’t be impaired if parts of the panel are in shade. Half cells are a great way to offset the impact of shading, while also being strong, efficient panels in their own right.

The other option for overcoming shade is to purchase an Optimiser for your panels. These devices track the efficiency of each of the cells in your panel and adjust your system to maximise the output of the cells receiving the most sunlight. Optimisers are another great solution to the issue of shading.

Newcastle solar panel installation

Top 3 reasons Newcastle residents should install solar panels before summer

  • Summer is the best time for SOLAR

The sun is out, the air-conditioning is blasting and you’re hosting a group of friends at your place for a BBQ. What could be better? Free electricity! Summer is the best time to have solar panels because that’s when you get the most sunshine and when energy consumption is at its peak. Make sure you get your solar panels installed by summer so that you can get the most out of your investment, and your summer.

  • Get the REBATE while it lasts

The Government Rebate is the perfect reason to transition to solar electricity right now. From January 1st, 2020 the subsidies for solar electricity will be scaled back, meaning your potential savings will start to diminish. To save on the upfront costs and installation of your system, and to reduce the payback period of your panels, install your panels this summer.

  • The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll SAVE

Solar panels are a savvy investment for anyone who uses electricity. Once your system has paid itself off you are accessing the free energy of the sun. The sooner you purchase your panels and start paying off the initial costs. The sooner you can start enjoying the benefits of free energy and zero grid reliance.

CEC Accreditation

One final step before you go out and purchase your new solar panels is to make sure that you are buying from a Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installer. This CEC accreditation ensures that the installing servicing meets the Australian standards and best industry practices for training and certification. Using a CEC accredited installer enables access to STC’s, a financial incentive offered as an upfront discount when you purchase your solar system. All Solar Run franchisees use CEC accredited installers.

Next Steps…

This guide has taken you through a range of solar options. Keep in mind the price, tips for picking the right solar panels, solar batteries, and the government rebate scheme. Once you have familiarized yourself with this information, the next step is to compare the different solar panel options and decide which is right for you.

Still unsure about solar panels? Get in touch with us today for a free quote.

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