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What makes Solar Analytics the best solar monitoring system

What makes Solar Analytics the best solar monitoring system

Most solar power monitoring systems are proprietary systems developed by solar inverter manufacturers.  What these solar monitoring systems will do is show you how much solar energy your solar panel system is producing – and send an alert if the system shuts down.  

Some like SolarEdge and other panel-level optimised solar power systems go further and show you things like how much electricity each panel is producing – definitely a useful feature.

Isn’t that enough?  What other information could you possibly want from a solar power monitoring system?  

A lot more, we reckon!  

What to expect from the best solar monitoring system

You should be expecting a whole lot more from a solar power monitoring system than what comes as standard with your solar inverter.  

The best solar power monitoring system will help save more money off your electricity and proactively alert you if there are system faults that need fixing.  A good solar power monitoring system is the perfect add-on to your solar panel system, paying for itself many times over through increased electricity bill savings and better system performance.  

The best solar power monitoring systems will tell you:  

  • Whether your solar power system is working as it should – or better or worse.
  • How much self-generated solar power you are using in your home.
  • How much you are saving with your solar power system.
  • Whether there are any faults affecting your solar system’s performance.
  • What the best electricity deal for your home is – and exactly how much you’ll save by switching.
  • Whether it’s worth buying solar battery storage.

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Why Solar Analytics is the best solar power monitoring system

Solar Analytics is the only solar power monitoring system that provides you with all the above benefits. 

Best of all, their user-interface is super-easy to understand.  Just a quick glance at one of their screens tells you the information you need – no engineering degree needed!  Plus, you get email and SMS alerts if there’s an issue that needs addressing, as well as alerts if your system trips off.

It’s a fabulous tool, designed very much with the layperson in mind.

Solar Analytics – Australian owned and operated software company

Before diving deeper into the benefits of Solar Analytics software, it’s worth pointing out that Solar Analytics is an Australian software company that is 100% dedicated to developing the best solar power monitoring system for solar households and businesses.  That’s all they do – and they do it extremely well! 

Founded in 2013 and based in Sydney, Solar Analytics has been given a big tick by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) who found that Solar Analytics software increased household solar generation by 15 per cent. This was because of a feature within Solar Analytics that identifies system faults before they escalate. The benefit?  Minimised solar production downtime, ultimately leading to increase bill savings.  

Benefits of Solar Analytics

So how exactly does Solar Analytics help you save more money off your electricity bill and maximise system uptime?  Here’s a quick run-down of the top benefits of this smart solar monitoring system. 

Shows whether your solar system is performing as expected

Using smart algorithms, Solar Analytics takes the exact specifications of your solar panel system and matches it to local weather data to calculate the expected solar production for each day.  Bar charts comparing what should have been produced with actual production instantly highlight any shortfalls. It also shows any loss due to shading.  

You can select the time period you want to analyse:

  • Daily, by hour
  • Week
  • Month
  • Year
  • Total
  • Any time period you choose

Shows how much self-generated solar power you are using in your home

As you may be aware, the biggest solar savings are when you use the clean energy produced by your solar panels in your home rather than export it to the grid.  That’s because when you use your self-generated solar power it’s free – you don’t need to buy electricity from the grid at 25-30 cents per kilowatt hour.  It’s a much better financial use for your solar power than exporting it for a measly 7 cents (the Aussie average paid for solar exports).

So, the smart money is on maximising your solar self-consumption.  In layperson’s speak that means using your solar power at the time it’s being produced, rather than sending it to the grid. 

The good news is that Solar Analytics is a fabulous tool for helping you see – in real-time or for any time period you like – exactly how much solar power you are using in your home.

It shows on just one graph both the kilowatt hours of solar energy produced as well as the solar energy consumed.  If the graph shows little overlap between solar production and solar consumption, you’ll know that there’s potential to shift your electricity usage to times when the solar system is producing power. 

Helps you save more 

One of the best reports on Solar Analytics is the solar savings screen.  The reason why we like it so much is because it gives you the complete picture on where you’re saving with solar.  

Lots of people mistakenly believe that you only save money with solar by exporting it to the grid.  Wrong!  

Solar Analytics shows how much money you are saving – in two different ways – as well as how much you are spending on grid power.  It shows:

  • $ saved through solar consumed on site (this is the one most people forget about and isn’t shown on your electricity bill)
  • $ earned through solar exported to the grid
  • $ spent on electricity imported from the grid

You can select any time-period you want to investigate, for instance your current billing period.  It’s a sure-fire way of never getting electricity bill shock again! 

Identifies system faults before they become problems

With high voltage DC power running across your roof with a typical string inverter solar system, the last thing you’ll want is an electrical fault that may endanger the safety of your household.

Enter Solar Analytics! 

Once again the team at Solar Analytics has put their patented smart algorithms to work to do some pretty amazing calculations to identify if there’s anything not working as it should.  What’s more, Solar Analytics even goes as further as to suggest what’s not working.  

It’s a great tool for you when you’re calling your solar installer about the issue.  Better still, find a solar installer who’s a Solar Analytics partner with a direct login to the Solar Analytics reporting portal. They can do the diagnostic work for you – so you don’t need to worry about anything!  

Finding the best electricity deal 

We all know that we should check the market for the best electricity deals every so often.  But how many of us get around to doing it?  Let’s face it, it’s boring. We’ve got better things to do with our time! 

The team at Solar Analytics have switched onto this opportunity. They’ve just launched a new feature called Plan Optimiser which uses your actual solar and household energy data to compare the available electricity plans in your area and automatically find the best electricity deal for you. 

Pilot tests shows average bill savings of $400 a year – with one customer saving $2,000 annually! 

Working out whether battery storage is financially worthwhile for you

There’s no doubt that solar batteries are popular but uptake is still quite low.  That’s because the price is still relatively high and it’s not that straightforward to work out the financial payback.  

Once again, Solar Analytics has solved this problem.  

They’ve added a Battery Calculator that tells you what size battery would be suitable for your home based on your power usage.  It also works out how much less grid power you’d need as a result of installing the size battery they’ve recommended.  And, they give you an indicative costing for the battery. 

It’s a great tool, as it’s based on real data on your electricity usage – no guesswork. For anyone thinking about battery storage, it’s invaluable. 

Summing up

Solar Analytics goes way beyond what most solar power monitoring systems offer. It’s a massive step up.  For a relatively small investment, Solar Analytics can save you hundreds, if not thousands off your electricity bills and optimise the performance of your solar system.

It’s also great insurance when it comes to safeguarding your home from the risk of malfunction of your solar system.  

With electricity deal comparisons and battery calculators, Solar Analytics is a step ahead of the game when it comes to maximising the financial benefits from your solar system.   

What’s more, Solar Analytics works with virtually all solar power systems – even older ones. 

Get in touch if you’d like a Solar Analytics quote for your property. 

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