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Act now before the Victorian battery rebate drops

Act now before the Victorian battery rebate drops

Victorian homeowners need to act quickly if they want a $3,500 battery rebate before it drops in value.

Rebate deadline 30 June 2022

The deadline for getting a solar battery rebate is 30 June 2022. After that, the value of the battery rebate drops to $2,950.

Anyone who is approved for the battery rebate before 30 June 2022 will get the rebate at the current higher value of $3,500.

It is not necessary to have your solar battery installed by 30 June 2022 to get the higher value rebate.  It can be installed after 30 June.

How to beat the deadline

According to Solar Victoria, which runs the Solar Homes rebate program, the first step you need to take to apply for the battery rebate is to inform yourself about batteries and obtain a written quote from an authorised Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer such as SolarRun.

Anyone who is interested in applying for the higher value rebate should act quickly as there are several steps involved. One of these is applying for approval to connect a battery to the electricity grid and this is something that your solar retailer will do on your behalf.

Approval from the network distributor is required before you can apply to Solar Victoria for the battery rebate.

Another step is providing proof of eligibility which requires paperwork from you such as evidence of property ownership and proof of income.

The application process is quite straightforward. If you have any questions about the rebate application process, the team at SolarRun are happy to help.

Will the rebates run out?

At the time of publishing this post, there were just over 2,790 battery rebates remaining at the higher value of $3,500. Whilst not explicitly stated on the Solar Homes website, the assumption is that once these rebates have been fully allocated, the value of the battery rebate will drop to $2,950.

In any case, Solar Victoria has made it clear that the rebate value will drop to the lower value of $2,950 from 1 July 2022 regardless of whether the current allocation has been fully utilised.

Get an even bigger battery rebate

An even higher battery rebate – worth $4,174 – is available to homeowners who qualify for the solar battery rebate and join one of the state government’s approved Virtual Power Plant Programs or VPPs.

However, there’s no time to lose. This boosted battery rebate is only available until 30 June 2022.

VPPs are a relatively new concept. They are an exciting development for the future of renewable energy in Australia.

VPPs provide an opportunity for you to receive greater financial value from your solar energy than the standard feed-in tariff.  The VPP pays you a premium rate for your stored power; in return you allow the VPP to access the power in your battery to provide support to the grid at times when it is most needed.

There are of course limits set by VPPs on the number of times they’ll access your battery power each year – and the better VPPs will ensure you always have power in your battery to cover you in case of a blackout.

If you’d like advice on the best VPP for your home, talk to the team at SolarRun.

Am I eligible for a battery rebate?

Eligibility criteria for a Solar Homes battery rebate include:

  • you are the owner-occupier of the property
  • you have not already received a rebate from the Solar Homes program (for example a solar panels rebate)
  • your combined household taxable income is less than $180,000 a year
  • the value of your property less than $3 million
  • you already have at least 5kW of solar panels; or you are getting at least 5kW of solar panels installed at the same time as the solar battery
  • the solar battery you choose is on the Solar Victoria’s approved battery list
  • you purchase the battery from a Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer who is on the authorised list of providers for the Solar Homes Program such as SolarRun

If you’d like help with the Solar Victoria rebate application process, get in touch.

Are there interest-free loans for battery storage?

No, interest-free loans for battery storage are not available from the Solar Homes Program.

But that’s not a problem because at SolarRun, we can arrange an interest-free solar battery loan through Australia’s #1 rated consumer lender, Plenti.

We’ve partnered with Plenti because:

  • They offer amongst the best rates in the market
  • They’ve got more 5-star reviews than any other personal lender
  • They’re keen on green: having helped over 17,000 households with $120m+ in solar and home battery loans
  • They have a fast, simple loan application process

Are SolarRun batteries on the approved product list?

Yes, all battery brands available through SolarRun are on the Solar Homes approved product list.

Check out our Victorian solar power deals to see our best prices for solar batteries.

Why should I get a battery?

There are lots of reasons why people invest in home battery storage, here’s 10 of them:

  1. Run your home on solar power – day and night
  2. Buy less power from your electricity retailer
  3. Less dependent on the grid
  4. Protection from power outages
  5. Supports transition to an all-electric home
  6. Quiet back-up power
  7. Reduces your household’s carbon footprint
  8. Future proofing the energy needs of your home
  9. Ideal for EV charging
  10. Earn extra income by joining a VPP

Learn more about the benefits of home battery storage.

Request a battery quote

Are you interested in becoming more self-sufficient for your home energy?  Wondering if zero-dollar electricity bills are feasible for your household? Curious about the costs and benefits of solar battery storage?

If this sounds like you, get in touch.

At SolarRun, we’re fully accredited battery specialists.  We’re also a Clean Energy Council Accredited Solar Retailer approved to supply and install batteries through the Solar Homes Program.

We stock leading battery brands to meet the different needs of households, budgets and – of course – network distributor requirements.

Battery storage is the way of the future. Solar battery technology is better than it’s ever been.  And costs have fallen.

With generous battery rebates and ever-higher electricity prices, now is a great time to invest in home battery storage.

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