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Choosing the right air conditioner when going solar

Choosing the right air conditioner when going solar

Did you know that an inefficient heating and cooling system can account for up to 40 per cent of your annual energy use?

Switching to an energy-efficient reverse cycle split system air conditioner will lower your heating and cooling bills by up to 46 per cent, according to the Australian Energy Foundation.

But there’s still more you can do to cut your heating and cooling bills; even reducing your daytime heating and cooling costs to near zero.  And that’s to team the right air conditioner with the right solar panels system.

At SolarRun, this is exactly what we can help you achieve.  We’ve partnered with Haier, the number one major appliances brand in the world, to provide our customers with one of the most advanced, reverse cycle split system air conditioners on the market.

Connect a Haier split system air conditioner with a SolarRun solar panels system, and we guarantee that you’ll reduce your heating and cooling bills to a fraction of what they are now.

Haier air conditioners: the perfect choice for your home

Here are the top reasons why we recommend Haier as the perfect heating and cooling system for your home.

  1. Control your split system from anywhere

There’s nothing worse than coming home to a freezing cold house or one that’s stinking hot.

Haier have solved this problem by adding Wi-Fi connectivity to their air conditioners and a smart app so you can control your Haier air conditioner from anywhere.

Use the app to remotely turn on the aircon from work so when you get home it’s nice and cool – or in winter, toasty and warm.

  1. Cool down your home for free with solar

It’s 35 degrees Celsius outside and you’re out and about.  Your solar is kicking in big-time, generating free electricity.  But a lot of that power is being exported to the grid, and you aren’t getting paid much for it given that feed-in-tariffs are only around 7 cents per kilowatt hour.

Fortunately, there’s a smarter way to use your solar.  And that’s to turn on your Haier air conditioner using your app.  What happens then is the electricity from your solar panels system goes straight into powering your Haier split system so you get free heating or cooling.

By using your Haier air conditioner in this way, you’re maximising your solar self-consumption (link to article on this topic).  Maximising solar self-consumption sounds a bit geeky; all it means is that you are using a high proportion of your solar electricity in your home to power your appliances rather than sending it to the grid.  Taking this approach is the best way to get the fastest payback on your solar panels system and the lowest electricity bills.  Plus, you’re doing the environment a favour by reducing your household carbon emissions.

  1. Highly energy efficient

Haier air conditioners installed by SolarRun all use heat pump technology. Heat pumps are electrically powered and highly efficient with a COP (Coefficient of Performance) rating of 3.7 to 3.9.  This means that they generate almost four times more energy than they consume.  That’s why they are so cheap to run!

In addition, a Haier air conditioner has a built-in motion sensor so it knows when people are in the room.  If there’s no-one in the room for 20 minutes, it will automatically switch into ECO Energy Saving mode saving you money on your electricity bill.

  1. Fresh air, all the time

Haier air conditioners are self-cleaning, so you only ever breathe fresh, purified air when your Haier is switched on.  The self-cleaning function is automatic and activated only when needed.  This means you don’t have to think about it the air quality in your home; you can rest easy knowing that the air you’re breathing is dust and bacteria free.

  1. Intelligent airflow

Hot air rises and Haier air conditioners know that!  They have smart technology that directs cool air upwards on hot days, and warm air downwards on cold days.  The result?  A more comfortable even temperature in your home, no matter the weather.

  1. Excellent warranty

Lots of air conditioners only have a one- or two-year product warranty.  Haier do much better than that!  Their product warranty on air conditioning systems is a full five years covering parts and labour.  Plus, when you get your Haier installed by SolarRun, we’re your first point of contact if there’s any issue with your system.

Final note: Haier ducted air conditioning and heating

Haier also offer ducted refrigerated air conditioning and heating systems which come with Wi-Fi. Providing superior levels of comfort, these systems are a better, more cost-effective alternative to gas heating.

To improve efficiency, make sure that zoning is switched on your Haier system so you can control the air conditioning and heating room-by-room.  That way, when someone leaves a room, you won’t have to remember to check that the aircon has been switched off!

Get in touch for a quote

Contact us to get an obligation-free quote for a Haier air conditioner to heat and cool your home.  We’ll discuss your requirements, ask a few straightforward questions, and recommend the best size system for your needs.  Haier air conditioners qualify for government rebates in some parts of Australia.  Ask us whether there are any rebates in your state!

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